Collision Course: Random & Mythological

“Against the insidious wiles of foreign influences (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens), the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.” – George Washington, 1796 

Washington well understood that it takes a great and willful mind of courage to dispel an artfully crafted ruse and favor instead an absolute truth; his was a front row seat to the dynamics of Old World Europe’s methods of subterfuge and the tools by which a noble cause might easily fall to the lowly status of mere prey (Recommended Reading: General Washington’s Speech at Newburgh, NY). Some might say that it was a different time and place with distinctly different dynamics all of which were left to the entrails of history whereas I will state, categorically, that the influences at play then are today the very same; the discrete bias of an authoritative minority orchestrating its influence over and upon an unwitting majority.  

As it was in Washington’s day there is a risk in drawing to the surface hypnotic references to conspiracies, elite tribunals and magnate illuminati as if to suggest they possess some mythical black-magic or have managed to harness subliminal mind-control technics from an incarcerated pool of extra-terrestrials or that one might be some kind of nut for even thinking it. The truth of the matter is that subversive-control is not that complicated a process to affect; all that is required is to take control, in this example, of a government system by exploiting its weakness (for the U.S. it is it’s Monetary/Banking Policy) and then using its resources to affect pervasive change by various means and as deemed necessary. The destructive process, it is true, is a conspiracy of a sorts but then again any bias or agenda that proceeds along its desired course can be seen as a conspiracy particularly if no one knows or cares to object or oppose it. From my perspective, I find that it is more often a case of rampant complicity than any form of an opaque conspiracy. 

Whatever it is the affect requires a most effective tool or device to affect pervasive expression; the device is The Art of Conversion – The strategic and deliberate use of divisive practices toward altering the cognitive perceptions of an opponent or target; in military parlance this known as psych-ops or deceptive reorientation whereby the target willingly adapts to or adopts a pre-determined construct of thought, Random & Mythological, without objection. Random as it can be applied to any use or specified outcome; Mythological as it is clearly unfathomable to the target otherwise the effort would serve no purpose. Here are a few examples of the mythological fantasies (topical): 

Fiat Monetary Policy, Individual Taxation, Social Security, The Great Society, Medicare, Medicaid, Financial Economy, Making the World Safe for Democracy, Equality, Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life, Sustainability, Globalism, Green (anything), Scarcity, National Security, Free-Trade vs. Protectionism, Bailouts….  

Now so as to avoid the appearance of having launched my own Mythological Campaign let me attach each of these to a comprehensive question: 

Which, individually or collectively, of these have enhance our National cause toward the perfecting of the Ideals espoused in our own Declaration of Independence?  

Do keep in mind of course that these Ideals, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, are interdependent and will not stand on their own and so one must think of them as inseparable. With this thought in mind I find that the only possible answer is a resounding “no”.  

The purpose of this preamble is to set the stage for answering a question on the mind of many Americans. They may not think of it as a question as it may not yet be fully formed residing for the moment in a dissonant form, an overriding sense that the entire Nation, if not the entire planet, is on a predetermine Collision Course the cause of which they fear is so contemptible and unbelievable that to resolve to what they intuitively know requires a level of acceptance they’d rather avoid. Accepting, for the moment, that the question exists in nascent form I have taken liberty to synthesize its sentiment into the following form: 

If our system of government is so gloriously sound, why is that the dysfunction is so profoundly destructive and why is that I appear to be in so small a company all the while our Elected Officials seem to be either unaware of its occurrence and if they are, why then are they committed to it occurring?  

Here are the answers: 

  1. Your system of government is, actually, gloriously sound. However,
  2. Your Elected Officials are not practicing your system of government as designed primarily because they have been induced into a perception of governance that is built upon the advancement of a mythological notion that is, itself, deliberately designed to appear achievable: Utopian Equality. (see: Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany or Mussolini’s Italy)
  3. You are not at all in a narrow draft of companionship however you have been conditioned to not object and this occurs by way of yet another mythological notion: Intellectual Barbarism which goes by the name of Selective-Idolatry or Political Correctness the effect of which silences or suppresses one’s conscientious intuition.  And,
  4. They are, for several reasons, committed to its occurring/persisting among them including: (a.) Participants believe that they can remain influential in the course of decision-making and by doing so, preserve their own interests. (b.) They conform to the process occurring as they are incapable of mustering opposition to the kinetic forces whose interest they are not prepared to oppose. And, (c.) By exposing the process they risk exposing their ignorance or complicity; or both. 

I suspect that there are many reasons to justify all of this after all aren’t these coincidental-accomplices truly gentle, faithful and well intentioned souls simply caught-up in a process however if such is the case then one must consider the following: At what point does the conscience either respond or suspend? Why the need for any elected official if the purpose for which they are elected is not the purpose they uphold or express? I should think these are relevant questions, after all the purpose of a Representative in a Representative Democracy (a.k.a., a Republic) is to do just that; represent the will of the consenting governed! Still there is an even greater point to be made: 

If the Ideal of a Republic are to preserve, protect and assert those principals which are Common to All then by what reason should there be a divided contest of objectives?   

The fact that the Public believes and accepts that divided objectives exist is proof that the Random & Mythological is firmly entrenched within the substrate of our social-matrix and precisely why this Nation is on a Collision Course with itself.  

There are many examples of the process in-play that has brought the American People to a point of no return however most are unaware of how evolved the process has become and how the U.S. Governments, at every level, have signed-up and signed-over your Sovereign Rights and your Nations Sovereign Status to Global Governance. Here are the two most damaging and evidentiary examples of the process well underway: 

World Trade Organization (WTO) 

If you are prone to ask why the Federal Government is unwilling to approach rational Domestic Tax or Economic Policy, here is, in part, your answer: Due to the WTO Treaty the Congress must abide by various mandates as expressed in the broader Trade Agreement known as The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) all of which are administered by the WTO. Here are two of its most transparent provisions which I dare say not a single Senator considered: 

Article III(1): “The contracting parties recognize that internal taxes and other internal charges and laws, regulations and requirements affecting the internal sale, offering for sale, purchase, transportation, distribution or use of products, ….should not be applied to imported or domestic products so as to afford protection to domestic production.”  

Article III(4): “…products of the territory of any contracting party imported into the territory of any other contracting party imported into the territory of any other contracting party shall be accorded treatment no less favorable than that accorded to like products of national origin….”  

The purpose of the WTO, simply stated, is the unilateral dismantling of any/all barriers to trade whether it be goods, services, capital, labor or technology regardless of its origins or adverse effects upon a Sovereign State which I trust you observed are now referred to as a “Territory.”  

Now then, if you are prone to ask why the U.S. provides multinational corporations with special tax treatments, again you have only to look to these trade treaties. When you ask why there is no advantage to U.S. manufacturing (or why Boeing, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Daimler-Benz, BMW etc. merely assemble their products in the U.S.) and why this Nation maintains such an obscenely oppressive Trade Imbalance, again you’ve only to look at the U.S. Senates errant submission of the U.S. to the WTO (signed by none other than Pres. Bill Clinton, 1994). 

U.N. Agenda 21 (A-21) 

A-21 was adopted by 179 Nations in 1992 at the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro and though then President George H.W. Bush, on behalf of the U.S., signed the agreement nothing in the A-21 accord is legally binding on a nation until such time as its government, at any level, adopts one of its recommendations. Although there were repeated attempts (HJ Res 166) by Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) to push formal ratification of A-21 the effort never made it past the Senate. 

President Clinton, ever the totalitarian humanist and eager to solidify post-presidency employment, decided to impose his global vision upon the U.S. and the result was Executive Order 12852 which created the President’s Council on Sustainable Developmentwhich effectively adopted the recommendations of Agenda 21. The U.S. Taxpayer funds A-21 through grants offered by the EPA and other Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO) such as International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), a U.N. accredited entity.  ICLEI, to date, has participation contracts with over 600 U.S. cities and counties. It is important to be clear that the A-21 agreement was never ratified by the U.S. Senate.  

Check to here see if your City or County is part of the Agenda-21 conquest.    

For some this might feel warm and fuzzy and serve to ease the conscience for those with an exploding carbon footprint however A-21 (click here to view entire text) has very little to do with the environment. It is, to be sure, a global transfer of sovereign nation-state status to the U.N. and it covers nearly every aspect of your life, your property right, your ability to own property, the car you drive, the house you live in, the food you eat, the water you drink, the size of your family, employment, economy and so on; Karl Marx could only have dreamed of this level of concentrated power. All this, including the aforementioned WTO accord(s), affected by the stroke of a pen by one, single, misanthropic individual; one William Jefferson Clinton and you thought you had a representative democracy, well now you know. 

Although I heartily suggest that every American read and discover the treasonous acts of Mr. Clinton I have included a few of A-21’s key excerpts. They are as follows:  

“Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.” – Agenda 21, Cover 

“Its successful implementation is first and foremost the responsibility of Governments. National strategies, plans, policies and processes are crucial in achieving this. International cooperation should support and supplement such national efforts. In this context, the United Nations system has a key role to play. Other international, regional and sub-regional organizations are also called upon to contribute to this effort. The broadest public participation and the active involvement of the non-governmental organizations and other groups should also be encouraged.” – Agenda 21, Sec 1.3 

“In the implementation of the relevant programme [sic] areas identified in Agenda 21, special attention should be given to the particular circumstances facing the economies in transition. It must also be recognized that these countries are facing unprecedented challenges in transforming their economies, in some cases in the midst of considerable social and political tension.” – Agenda 21, Sec 1.5 

Basis for Action 

“Measures to be undertaken at the international level for the protection and enhancement of the environment must take fully into account the current imbalances in the global patterns of consumption and production.” – Agenda 21, Sec 4.4. 

“Land resources are used for a variety of purposes which interact and may compete with one another; therefore, it is desirable to plan and manage all uses in an integrated manner.” – Agenda 21, Sec 10.3 

“…to be effective, environment and development education should deal with the dynamics of both the physical/biological and socio-economic environment and human (which may include spiritual) development, should be integrated in all disciplines, and should employ formal and non-formal methods and effective means of communication.”- Agenda 21, Sec. 36.3 


“The objective is to provide for the land requirements of human settlement development through environmentally sound physical planning and land use so as to ensure access to land to all households and, where appropriate, the encouragement of communally and collectively owned and managed land.” – Agenda 21, Sec. 7.28. 

“With a view to strengthening the role of non-governmental organizations as social partners, the United Nations system and Governments should initiate a process, in consultation with non-governmental organizations, to review formal procedures and mechanisms for the involvement of these organizations at all levels from policy-making and decision-making to implementation.” – Agenda 21, Sec. 27.6. 

“The overall objective is the integration of environment and development issues at national, sub-regional, regional and international levels, including in the United Nations system institutional arrangements.” – Agenda 21, Sec.  38.7 

I am considerate of the risk that there may be those who might claim that I’ve engaged in selective cherry-picking but fear not, word-count was my only selection-filter; A-21 is far more comprehensive a document than one might possibly imagine compressing near countless examples of the extreme within its massive composition of tyrannical excess. Its scope of influence is truly and at every level global and the only reason you don’t know of it, like the WTO/GATT Treaty (not to the exclusion of countless others global policy objectives), is because of a well-scripted and executed Collision Course: Random & Mythological routine that effectively deflected your conscientious objection to them.  


What Americans must know and understand is that although the U.S. Constitution does exist it is in appearance only; constructively it has been abandoned and the Federal Government, as it is, operates merely within the boundaries established by International Treaty. Congress, primarily the Senate, has become an ineffective and largely irrelevant component of Government and the Presidency is now only the Territory of the United States International Representative; all in the name of Global Order.  The reason why the Congress mostly deals with Social Issues is because that’s the only aspect of National Governance they are able to affect without running head-long into Global Treaties. The reason why the House of Representatives appears so dead-locked is not because of its own practices but because the Senate is not able to respond to any issue of its purview without having to spend endless weeks and months to determine whether there is a conflict with U.N., International Monetary Mandates or U.N. Protocols all of which the Senate, itself, approved and for any Senator to admit the truth of this fracturing effect would require them to admit their ignorance or their complicity and that’s not about to happen!  

The Random & Mythological Fantasy is operating as planned and few if any Elected Officials are willing to confess it and this only a part of the planned Collision Course and its consequence. Welcome to the next phase of Global Order; you have a front row seat to it so be sure and take notes; 200 years from now folks will want to know of your interests, your observations and…


This Nation and its People are, indeed, at a point of no return. There is only moving forward and there exist but two options:  

Oppose and restore or Surrender and submit. 

Your choice determines the outcome and this is precisely as it should be.  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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