A Revolution in Evolving

Recent comments by President Obama regarding his evolving position on the subject of same-sex relationships may at first appear as purely political (and it is) however it also exposes a revolving pathos which far too often becomes a substitute for sound governance.  In his own words, 

“…my feelings about this are constantly evolving….” 

A fluid pathos is not the same or should it ever be a substitute for a durable personal compass whose deferential reference must always be based on an equally durable law; which of course is not at all fluid. What we have been witnessing is A Revolution in Evolving; the near perpetual cycle of reengineering and redefining all things absolute. The most recent definition of Evolving is: to alter, shape and/or conform meaning, form and circumstance to suite an ambition which by its nature is not provable, durable or reliable. 

The point of this is not to adjudicate or arbitrate the same-sex soliloquy but more so to point to an element of form and function that has itself become a construct foreign to political, personal and public discourse. I trend toward thinking of this element as a component which finds its core disposition in an Individuals foundational boundary; the attribute which define your operational parameters. 

To develop the point a bit further I trust you will grant a measure of latitude as I refer to an extraordinary body of work that is, for me, a never-ending source of study and personal ballast; the Eight Beatitudes. To appreciate the value of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (the source of the Beatitudes) requires no religious affiliation; it merely requires one to consider their substantive message bearing in mind all the while that Jesus was not dedicated to orthodoxy however he was committed to delivering a perfect message.  Every one of the eight Beatitudes begins with a specific absolute which resonates throughout:  

“Blessed are….” 

He then proceeds from there assigning an individual metaphor or allegory of a specific attribute attached to a specific action that is itself (each) an absolute. They are: 

“…in spirit,….”

“…who mourn,….”

“…the meek,….”

“…thirst for righteousness,….”

“…the merciful,….”

“…the pure of heart,….”

“…the peacemakers,….”

“…they who are persecuted for the sake of….” 

From years of thought and reflection I’ve resolved to a base conclusion that the Sermon on the Mount is a metaphor for a specific action in search of a specific result and the interconnectivity of both; that is to say that the outcome of One’s pursuit, whatever it is, is ultimately defined by the doing of what one does and the resulting foot-prints in-the-sand which one leaves behind. Action memorializes the defining nature of an Individuals durable compass and lives on to become a reference point for all that follow and for this reason, because actions are themselves absolute, the idea of an evolving ideal is itself paradoxical. One might choose to shape and contour (evolve) an explanation in search of a preferred outcome but I assure you the consequence of violating an absolute will pay no mind to your preference; evolved or otherwise. 

Again, this exercise is by no means an evangelical or an eschatological op-ed; it is a demonstration of A Revolution in Evolving all aimed at driving toward an answer to a question I believe many Americans are asking of themselves: 

“Where have we gone wrong?” 

I admit that I’ve approached this quandary in what may seem an awkward manner however it seems that at times the best way to serve an intended point is to present the high-ground and leave to chance that one will arrive, by default, to the appropriate conclusion. My hope is that one arrives, conclusively, to an understanding that it is this very notion of evolving that lies at the heart of our having lost the organic connection to this nations fundamental compass; that this Country was born out of a rather unique and, up to the point of its pronouncement (The Declaration of Independence), never before attempted perfection of Mankind’s most profound Absolute: 

“The absolute of the Sovereign Man (the Created) and his Unalienable Rights and the absolute link between the Created and ‘…their Creator.’” 

Rest assured that this fundamental compass saturates nearly every line of The Declaration of Independence. Equally important for all to be aware is that the American Revolution did not occur as a single and finite event; it is an ever-occurring and unending revolution against and in opposition to any force or influence bent on defeating it; it is most certainly NOT one which is an evolving experiment and on the occasion that it may fracture from time to time it must be understood that the occasional disruption is not a symptom of revolutionary or evolutionary maturation but merely the function of dysfunction. Yes, many will argue this point of “evolving” by floundering about the “living constitution” theory but this argument is not survivable at any level particularly in the face of the foundational elements of our founding premise:  

Absolutes are never Evolutionary and though they may be Revolutionary as to their departure from the transitory myopia or commonly accepted pathos-of-the-day they are, by their very nature, both unalienable as to their relevance and unchanging as to their attribution(s). Again, this why they are known as absolutes and you intuitively know this to be true. 

The moment one departs from an absolute is also the very moment one begins the journey to a certain destiny of adverse consequence; this too you intuitively know to be true. We’ve only to survey the state of our relationships with one another, and as consenting-governed to the opaque and dubious nature of our evolving form of government, in order to observe that we’ve become a fine example serving best as proof to the law of absolutes; the outcome of both cause and its predictable effect.  

“It is the cause of mankind to step above and beyond his perceived limits and move beyond the perceived boundaries of physical form; to progress with absolute certainty that there are no limits to his capacity so long as he remains tethered to that which is the foundational cause (law) of his infinite capacity. Yes, even the ever-expanding nature of what is thought of as Infinite must, by its very nature, follow absolute order otherwise the construct we think of as substance could not exist; it would only implode upon itself. Creation most assuredly does not evolve; it occurs about a specific process and within an absolute order of structure upon which it relies. It is this very deference to order which allows the un-ending process of creation to occur and persist as it does and these very same rules apply to you.” –Excerpt from “The Pond of Life” by C. Greco  

In the end it is all about what we do and by our doing the attributions which attach that define what it is that we have done. To grasp this significance of this statement I will ask that you watch (link appears below) a very brief re-enactment; a segment of a speech given by General George Washington’s to his Officers in 1783 while headquartered in Newburgh, New York. The events to which this video memorializes an attempt, by one of Washington’s Officers, to rally support for an armed march on Congress (click here for a summary which I heartily recommend). Upon hearing of the planned insurrection Washington made a surprise appearance at their planning meeting.  His plan was to deliver a prepared speech (click here for the complete text) to his Officers at the conclusion of which he discovered that he had not fully persuaded those in attendance to oppose an overthrow of the infant-Congress. Washington was by no means prepared to allow years of sacrifice and loss of life to go unfulfilled and with a deep reverence for what he believed to be the hand of providence he began to read a message he had received from Congress; it is at this point the accompanying video link (click here) begins. 

Thomas Jefferson would later comment; “The moderation and virtue of a single character probably prevented this Revolution from being closed, as most others have been, by a subversion of that liberty it was intended to establish.” 

Understand that at this single moment General Washington was in complete control of what would become of the American Destiny; he could have chosen to be King and the Continental Army would have been his willing accomplice. Think of it: The consequence of fluid-evolving, at this very instance, in command; think of the suspending of all that would have followed if given over to a lesser and evolving-individual. Washington’s actions would forever define the foundational boundary for every American President to follow; through this one event he demonstrated the Absolute which lies at the heart of one’s unalienable character; complete and total deference to a durable compass tethered to an un-ending process occurring as intended. An absolutely remarkable event and yet few Americans know the history of it. Nonetheless,  I hope to impress upon you that this very same compass is as native to you as is the attribute of gravity which preserves your physical form and though it may lie in wait for your discovery it is nevertheless not its nature to evolve; it already exists as an absolute. And yes, this too you intuitively know to be true.  

Several years ago when I was forming The Foundation I was asked, “…by what right do you believe that anything you say will be meaningful to people? You know, have you ever considered that they may not care to know?” My response was fairly simple and my words would ultimately become not only part of The Foundation’s name it was destined to became the reason for its existence: 

“I have the right to say it and if they don’t care to know then so be it but one thing I do know is this; if the message is pure and true it remains so despite the imperfections of the messenger.” 

In the final analysis what also remains to be true is this: You are indispensable to the process occurring as designed and as intended; not a one can be thought of as disposable; each person’s durable-compass contains the markings of a known and yet incalculable potential the ever-expanding process requires and I confess that I am not prepared to accept the tyranny of A Revolution in Evolving suspending its process.   

I trust you too will come to the same conclusion. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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