DOW Bowing to Speculative Risk?

For many, any discussion regarding the FED, monetary policy and global financial markets trends toward brain-freeze and the soon to be made reference is no exception. Nonetheless, to understand how our economic interests have been so grotesquely abused the truth behind the FED’s quantitative-easing, the interconnectivity between federal debt & unfunded mandates reveals the greater risk they create. Every American needs to come out from under their sports memorabilia and their ignorance and bone-up on reality.

The federal & state spending-spree and the wholesale government & FED support and endorsement of the financial services industry MUST STOP. The following article is a bit long and though it makes no reference to the estimated $59 Trillion of derivative exposure of the top 5 U.S. Banks (aside from JP Morgan Chase), it illustrates several key components that should become a part of your knowledge-base; yes it’s a bit long but read it anyways.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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