Given to be Given

“In all that is perfect one finds the presence and expression of Divine light; yet in the domain of infinite time this perfect potential lays dormant until given. Yes, given! The Child is not the origin of light yet as to purpose they are inseparable; all have been given to the infinite light and not unlike a mirror you receive and reflect in the measure of your desire. Infinite and Brilliant is the capacity which you have been given; be given to reflecting and expressing that which is infinitely brilliant; it becomes for all a reflection as you alone define it.” 

Last evening I drove around town on a bit of an expedition in search of an article of evidence; a token piece of seasonal lore that if observed by the uniformed would reflect or perhaps even illustrate what the event was all about.  In other words; if on any given December 25than extraterrestrial were to land in Any Town, USA, what would the observed image portray? Would what they observe be faithful to the underlying cause?  By the way, there is no right or wrong answer to the question; only that which is revealed.  

I believe it is reasonable to assume that most folks know that Christmas, a federal holiday, is the celebration of Jesus of Nazareth’s humble birth. Little is known about his early life however from the age of thirty he managed to express and demonstrate the greater cause and purpose of mankind – in a mere three years’ time. I will further suggest that membership in the Christian Faith is not required for any human being to capture and acknowledge his remarkable legacy. Now then: 

Having completed my tour here are the summary results of the most conspicuous observations: (1) An explosion in the use of inflatable Santa’s, Reindeer and Snowmen. And, (2) Traffic and parking lot congestion. In the for-what-it’s-worth category I was also surprised to discover the near complete absence of any religious reference whether in the form of a cross, amenorah or a nativity: 

“…it becomes for all a reflection as you alone define it.” 

Again this is only my observation and not at all intended as an admonition for a failure to understand or project the true meaning of Christmas yet it remains as it is for whatever the compelling motive might be and yet as I think about the birth of Jesus I am also consumed by two collateral notions both of which I find provocative. You might even think of them as my Christmas Gift to whoever might read this effort. 

A Guiding Light: 

The Christmas story offers many potent illustrations and one I find most captivating refers to the Star of Bethlehem. It is told that the presence of the Star reveled the birth of Jesus to three Wise Men of the East who, using this celestial reference as a guide, brought the newborn gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. It is important, to my ultimate purpose, to consider that it is quite possible Jesus had no idea they had come in response to a prophecy and that the Wise Men were most likely responding to a prophetic call. Understanding the era that these Men lived, the distance and difficulty of travel, the luminescent (inspiring) value they received or what they observed as a Devine Light by way of a star, must have been powerfully illuminating.   

“…not unlike a mirror you receive and reflect in the measure of your desire.” 

They were given in such a way that their perfect potential was given over to an extraordinary act of affirming and lasting significance. I believe we possess the very same potential for extraordinary acts of affirming and lasting significance.

Literal translation: 

For several months I’ve been using a software program to learn Italian and one of the side benefits has been that I am discovering truly remarkable pearls by way of English/Italian translations. For example: In Italian the phrase to give birth is spoken per darle a la luce although the literal English translation of this very same phrase is to give to the light. In the past-tense it would then be to have been given to the light! 

“…all have been given to the infinite light….” 

Reamarkablel particulalry if you consider that each of us can make the same claim, Italian or not: per darle a la luce.

The opening paragraph of this commentary is an excerpt from a manuscript that is working its way through the editorial process and as I was preparing what was to have been this week’s article I inadvertently opened the file containing the working draft of the manuscript; this particular paragraph appeared on the screen and with consideration to the two previous notions one might understand why I was compelled to pursue the idea further; irresistable.

If there is merit, if only for a moment, to consider a non-theological approach then perhaps we might be given to the idea that Christmas is a reminder that even as Jesus was given to the light to reflect and express Devine intentions likewise so too are each one of us given to the very same light for the express purpose of our being given over to do the very same.  

“The Child is not the origin of light yet as to purpose they are inseparable…” 

As we consider the torment which consumes our Nation more and more I am drawn to the likelihood that its cause may not be so much that we have moved away from a common and unifying bond but quite likely that the dissonance which currently prevails must occur so that we are compelled to pursue one [bond] which is far greater.  I rather like the idea! 

“What you do becomes the measure of your desire; that which becomes the expression of your desire is also the image you have Given to be Given yet again and again.” 

Each day we are given the perfect potential that is per darle a la luce and if this, in fact is so then each day must only ever be precisely what it is; Given to be Given.

A Merry Christmas to all along with the perfect potential for a truly remarkable New Year!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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