Mueller, Not Manafort, Needs to Answer!

At the moment, former FBI Director turned Special Counsel seems to have justified (preliminarily) his mandate by delivering what is likely – if void of political derelictions – an indictment that will never be perfected in court. The fact that the evidence obtained during the FBI’s raid was deemed Attorney-Client privileged information will likely render the entire Court-ordered subpoena void. Moreover, none of the information obtained has yet to link or otherwise prove Manafort’s connection to the President.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that the witch-hunt won’t continue on with its primary mission; the neutralizing of the Trump-agenda and the masking of some of the most extreme under-the-cover-of-authority criminal activities in U.S. History.

But first of all, to understand the incredibly sinister indiscretions going on behind the disillusionment, remember this: it’s not that no one expected Trump to win that has upset the evolved treachery of our political system, but that the system configured itself to insure Hillary Clinton won. Given this presumed outcome what purpose would there be to conceal the numerous and incredibly bold indiscretions? After all, the political system is so completely contaminated that to openly admit or expose the defects is to invite even further abuses as the system releases its well-seasoned process of deflection-by-deception.

Mueller and Comey in their respective capacities as former Directors of the FBI, have much to answer for what, at the minimum, would be described as dereliction of duty relating to:

  • Bush-the-Junior era pre-Iraq war intelligence manipulations
  • Obama-Hilary Clinton era AFT Gunwalking scheme
  • Shovel-ready funds-gone-missing and $2.2 Billion in energy company handouts-for-bankruptcy ventures
  • Years of Clinton Global Initiative money-pimping-scam
  • Obama-Clinton collusion/national security breach in Russia-Uranium Deal
  • Obama-Clinton’s secret redirecting of $5.5 Billion toward the political realignment of the Ukrainian Government
  • The Obama Administrations clandestine meddling in Netanyahu/Israeli elections
  • Clinton’s destruction of evidence accommodation
  • Numerous Clinton security breaches
  • NSA/FBI Corrupt and/or Illicit data collection and chronic security breaches
  • Illicit Tea-on-the-Tarmac meetings

and on and on and on……….

There is an decadent opulence to their willful and reckless actions behind all of this, driven by an antinomian (the rules don’t apply to us) treachery which has openly licensed the direct politicization of our most critical Law Enforcement Agencies, the Dept. of Justice and the FBI.  Yes indeed, they have much to answer for.

Even further, if one considers their deep and longer-term personal relationship and the known fact that Comey consulted extensively and directly with Mueller, after his firing and as part of preparing for his appearance before the Congressional Hearings, then there is no other way to describe these events as definitive proof that Mr. Mueller has a serious conflict of interest. I believe this renders him unfit for the demands of Special Counsel while both Comey and Mueller’s actions have earned them Obstruction of Justice charges.

For The Law to have credibility it must be equally applied and uniformly adjudicated. With no exceptions.

Did Mueller’s Team Violate Manafort’s Constitutional Rights? They May Have.

FBI Reliance on Discredited Fusion GPS “Russia Dossier” Threatens Manafort Prosecution

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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