GOP on Moore Allegations:

Whether it’s the Russia-Collusion ruse, the indefensible-Clintons, the politically-induced mutation of the FBI or Alabama’s Roy Moore the critically necessary component of “Due Process”, here in the U.S., is now officially dead!

We now affect the judicial process by allegation, the power of suggestion trans-mutated by way of the Media.  All of this, the quintessential proof of the Elite-State’s existence having existed since before this Country’s birth, is so deeply threatened that it is prepared to destroy the entire Country’s social and political bond and they’re using social-musing and its tools, and the Public is largely unaware of it, to accomplish it.

The breakdown in the social order is massive and may now be so extreme as to be unrecoverable for, perhaps, two-three generation and for one very simple reason: The Public has become addicted to hyperbolic allegations (dare I say, “fake news” and innuendo) and no longer rely on rational and discerning thought which is precisely why one is able to assert “Russia Collusion” and not require proof of it.

This is why the Clintons could rule over the national Political apparatus to their advantage and without consequence and simultaneously have the Public intoxicated by the allure of it.

This is why you can have the once revered FBI, the Leadership of which, being willingly subsumed by political avarice and then claim the authority to self-exonerate outside of the very legal structure it is sworn to uphold.

This is why the Obama Administration could secure a fabricated-for-pay-by-FBI Trump Dossier, as circumstantial evidence mind you, and then use it to obtain a FISA warrant that licensed open spying on American Citizens.

This is why the GOP/DNC would support forcing upon Alabaman’s a candidate, Roy Moore, whose personal and deeply polarizing history reads like an antinomian, anti-anthropological treatise all the while knowing and expecting it will deepens the rift between the political-class and the public. Sometime in the coming weeks we should (hopefully) see Rod Rosenstein, your typical government bureaucratic-survivor, appear before House Oversight/Judiciary Committee and though I expect nothing ground-breaking from him that fact that this will be the likely outcome is equally important; it will prove to be a feeble attempt to deflect attention from the corruption surrounding this entire scheme. Stay tuned!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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