Steinle Decision: An Unrecoverable Loss!

Any person with an attachment to the common bond that inextricable links each Person to another will feel the pain of loss and even more so, in the case of Kate Steinle, when we consider her Father who will hear, forever, her last words.

The pain of knowing that as a Man, as a Father, his purpose being to protect and care for his child, discovers he is utterly helpless in the face of what would be his Daughters last request: “help me, Dad.”

Yes, let it sink in!

Kate Steinle, her Parents, her Family as well as the countless others victimized by the animate expedience of a sanctimonious politicized process that has turned its fiduciary back “The Law” and the People it’s charged to protect.

Remember they are also the combatants that have, in their wake, left otherwise law-abiding Citizens needlessly and unnecessarily at risk. It is doubtful that the Jury is to blame for this malignant form of misprision given that Juries are often victimized by limitations encased within instructions of either dubious, ignorant or outright malicious intent if the Court itself.  Many times I’ve seen the Judicial/Legal process at work and have concluded that the concept of “trier of fact” and “justice” are anomalous to the actual routines of our legal/judicial system.

Of course, we should mourn with the Steinle Family and all the others victimized by these intellectual and spiritual paupers concealing themselves behind banal and mercurially irreverent speak but we should mourn even more for a System that has turned its back on truth, probative inquiry in search of truth, unanimity in purpose and reverence – despite one’s personal demons – for uniform and deliberate application of the very ideals that consecrate what is Just.

This Nation, now dominated by Political Vice, no longer retains sanctuary for truth and justice but instead regularly sounds revelry for any form of adulteration serving to both advance an aberrant agenda and to bifurcate and then silence any movement in opposition to it myopic abuses; to no longer serve, with common theme, the higher calling but in fact to destroy it. Doubt me? Pay close attention to the actions of the various Sanctuary-Politicians and notice how effortless they dismiss the pain and suffering of victims all the while making Victims of the plenary of Violent Offenders; watch for States (in particular California) whose Governors will advance the deviance of Federal Immigration Law by going so far as to offer Pardons to this newly developed protected class of Violent-Victims.

Just watch how the Public grieves for the Kate Steinle’s of our Country and how quickly it becomes unfashionable.

Just watch!

We are better than this; so much better!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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