Hillary Free-Skates on “Insufficient Evidence”

FBI Director James Comey, in an unusually detailed explanation, states that despite Clintons “reckless disregard” for the structure and security of maintaining control over classified information there is “insufficient evidence” that would indicate that these actions represented a “willful” intent.

Ironic that the Director is now assuming the role of “trier of fact” in determining the scope and applicability of “intent” where the factual breaking of a law is, in itself, for most Americans, an actionable measure that brings with it prosecution. “Intent” may be a matter for assessing time served but irrelevant otherwise; the law, it is clear, was broken by Clinton and her Staff. 

Adjusting the legal system to suit political realities, Comey acknowledges that no “Reasonable Prosecutor” would dare take this case, the inference being that because of Clintons Political Capital, the Department of Justice wouldn’t dare prosecute a Clinton in a manner contrary to the will of President Obama.

Yet another indication of why the American Public has near total and complete contempt for their government.

Curtis C. Greco

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