Why Equal Justice Matters

Boundaries must be universal otherwise there are no boundaries. The concept of what becomes unilateral in application can only be distinct in meaning if generally understood to be universal across-the-board.

In the age of increasingly thallic (no defining form) structure it seems as if we humans are bent toward self-destruction particularly if we leave ourselves to the device of ambivalence. Nothing matters, no elements of deference, grace, virtue or reverence toward one another being mere attributes of a Neanderthal-age-gone-by.

No! What makes the human condition so remarkable and sui generis is that we intuitively understand and comprehend native reservation if only from the standpoint of self-preservation: the concept of universally applied order and the implicit construct of boundaries integral to our perfecting efforts. A doctorate in theology isn’t required to understand the value of “do unto others that which…” as being a fundamental substrate of human-being. After all, if it’s going to mean anything then it must mean everything otherwise it is all utterly meaningless.

To my personal filter, when listening to and watching FBI Director James Comey’s editorial rendition of their findings, it became abundantly clear to me that here was a man caught in the wake of a system he knows is universally out-of-balance in the universal application of the Law. Though he was/is resigned to the fact that he is systemically forced to defer to the Political-Enforcement Arm of the Current Administration, the Department of Justice, he wanted the American People to know the facts, their likely end and his personal contempt for the system as it presently is.

The link to his statement follows; I recommend you read it, better yet attempt to find the “live” version and pay close attention to his body language.


Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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