Israel – The Manufacturing of Crisis

Global hegemony is a nasty and complex affair.  It requires constant maneuvering and adaptability in order to manage the massive inertial forces that compound from the mutations of opposing forces – and it is these opposing forces which ultimately doom the process to failure.  Thus the nature of all megalomaniacal forces – hubris always believes it can overcome the law of inevitable consequence, which, of course, is the very weakness or causal force that is the single most critical pathogen. 

Ultimately the subject organism, in this case, Globalism originates in the mind as a theoretical notion and breeds itself in to action.  It seems quite possible, reasonable, purposeful and strangely practical.  Whether it be the Vikings, the Carthaginians, Alexander the Great, the Teutonic Knights, Genghis Kahn, the Romans right on down to the Germans/Nazi’s, Japan, the U.S.S.R. and yes, even the United States,  the reign ultimately resolves to the issue of sustainability and as is the case with all expansive mythologies, sustainability requires ever increasing sources of predation.  Without the fueling source, they are all, as history has proven, unsustainable.  As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said; “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money to spend.” 

In the Blind Vision Series I introduce a topical reference which I refer to as “manufactured crisis” and it is by the use of this method that many peculiar events true intentions are concealed.  It is, at its root form, a type of miss-direction or slight of hand. 

With the increased pervasiveness of media-tech, one might think that the ease of obtaining information might make the manufactured crisis more difficult to conceal however it appears to be quite the opposite.  In reality, the abundance of information and the ease with which the public is saturated by seemingly endless breaking news stories, it become quite easy to understand how a nation can easily be distracted and overwhelmed such that discerning the truth of any one specific issue is crippled by the ever increasing abundance of information.  Case in point: does anyone truly know the content of the recently passed Health Care Reform: within days of its passage, the number of legislative “fixes” required were mounting. 

Think of the news clip of Neville Chamberlain  announcing his “pact” (1938) with Herr Hitler. Amazing as one of the earliest forms of media-maneuvering which, despite the indications to the contrary, simply concealed what any discriminating eye could have easily observed: the fact that the Nazi’s had long been and were actively developing their war-making capabilities. Still this bit of news was received and herald as a great success offering much relief to the People of Europe whose memory of World War I was far from being a faded memory.  One hears what one wants to hear, regardless of the facts as they are! 

What has this to do with Israel and the notions relationship to a manufactured crisis?  What follows are a few bullet points which you should find very interesting. However scattered the content may appear, it is the totality of information one must filter and inter-relate when attempting to grasp just how complex the Globalist agenda actually is. Also, why the issue of sustainability is so relevant and why the black swan risk of unintended consequence is ever present; in other words, you may plan all you like but violate the law of consequence and the law of consequence will efficiently remind one of its influential force. 

  1. The creation of the Jewish State (1948), though largely seen as a United Nation action was heavily encouraged by the U.S. and secretly, the British. The partitioning of what become known as Palestine was only a perfecting act which the British, though it had long been their design to “nation-build” the Middle-East, post World War II could ill-afford the process (unsustainable).
  2. The annexation of feral or tribal lands by outside interest is characteristic of Globalism (para #2 above), i.e., “…sustainability requires ever increasing sources of predation.”  Offering care, whether you want it or not, under the pretense of government through armed enforcement is always the mark of a Globalist: I’m from the government, I’m here to help you now give me your money! I’m frequently heard to say: “How can we claim to be liberators when freedom is not one of the choices offered!”
  3. Annexation by or expansion of Globalist Financial Interests is always concealed by armed intervention, always.  Armed intervention is always the result of a manufactured crisis: it occurs no other way as the Interest who gain must never permit themselves to be seen as having an interest in gaining an advantage.
  4. Concealment occurs, generally, in two discrete forms: (a.) By creating a coercive event that coincidentally appear in such a way as to require an “armed response” as being the only effective remedy – example: Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Or, (b.) Trigger a remote event, by a related party, whereby they become exiled by some self-sponsored act where they are either seen as a “loan gunman” or as protecting their own sovereign interests whereby the result enables this entity to willing present themselves as a willing and conspicuous target – example: Israel mobile “settlements” in the Gaza strip work as a case study for both versions.
  5. What becomes of the process is conspicuous by what economic interests prevail in the process.  One has only to look at the western/european business interests who are now permanent residents of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and so on.  It is equally interesting to consider how the issue and use of the Muslim issue both aids in the Globalist strategy of predation and can also be its single greatest thorn – its black swan.  Perhaps more on this particular issue another time. 

This is a fabulous subject to pursue in greater detail if for no other reason than to understand why the present state of the U.S. is so incredibly perilous. However, there is far to much content for our purposes herein, perhaps I will leave you with several “bullets” of thought for “over the horizon” thought: 

  • Financial/Business interests when merged with government through the use of coercive legislation and the concept of manufactured crisis derail true democratic processes.  They are, in fact, totalitarian in their unbridled interests. They are not Capitalist, they are Megalomaniacal Imperialists.
  • In the U.S., the influence of Business/Financial Interests and their Global agenda are at the root cause of our national disfiguration.  Among the most conspicuous forms appears in Presidential Politics whereby attributes for true and functional leadership are suspended in favor of inchoate and malleable forms.  The most dangerous evolution of this practice can be seen in the attributions of the current administration.
  • The State of Israel, as many times in the past, is being used to set a stage and is integral to the process I’ve referred to as the manufactured crisis.  The purpose? Expand the nation-building ambitions of the Global Agenda, reclaiming Iran – extending the cycle of predation easterly on thru to include Afghanistan and Pakistan ultimately linking up with India – sooner or later it will work it’s way up the Korean peninsula.  Look at the facts as they are, history leaves nothing to suspicion.  The great global conflict didn’t end with the so called “cold war”, it simply went underground.
  • Consider the economic, social and freedom costs born by the American People over the last 120 years of participating in this program of conquest and then ask yourself this question: How’s the process of making the world safe for democracy working out for you?  I see no measurable gains, only immeasurable and growing losses.
  • If the ambition of the American People is to reclaim their sovereign heritage and economic domain, there is no other choice but to reverse the process. This will not avail the process by simply repairing the damage, we will need to insist on replacing the abuses that have become institutionalized components of the present structure.  

Throughout the centuries, crisis has been used to completely detour human progress and even if viewing the short span of American history, our own national experience has been marred by many of these rather unique events from the War of 1812 and several that followed, depressions, banking crisis, more wars, social schemes, the energy shortage ruse, the 1970 global cooling charade, the present global warming (now referred to as “climate change”) to the present battle between the American People and their own Government. These events will not cease to occur until Americans return to the principal that is both a common ideal and its common bond.  In short, we need to restore our common trust and universal regard for one another. 

Volume III of the three part Blind Vision Series: Valor in Prosperity provides a fairly broad discussion on this previous point,  I trust you will obtain a copy, read, study and share its content with everyone you come in contact with.  The time for ignoring the facts as they are is over, if one plans a future beyond your own for those who will survive you, nothing you ever do, from this day forward, may be more important. 

This choice, as it should be, is yours! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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