McConnell vs. Grimes – The Kentucky Model

There’s a serious contest taking place in Kentucky; it’s not a contest over Ideals mind you or, heaven forbid, Solutions or Compelling Models worth pursuing or emulating; NO! This contest is one which illustrates the deplorable state of the voting public’s expectations and how low they’ve become. The fact is that it’s not that Mitch McConnell is so bad but more so that Kentuckians have been so willing to tolerate his 30 consecutive years of non-performance!

Now then, in the case of Ms. Grimes, McConnell’s challenger, I will simply say that it appears that lack of capacity no longer seems to be a barrier for preserving competency in public service. Her only personal distinction seems to be the degree to which she can saturate a 30 second sound-bite with the phrase that claims McConnell “supports millionaires and billionaires” without ever offering a cogent statement as to her specific objectives.

It really doesn’t require a level of intelligence much beyond the depth of a puddle for one to conclude that we really shouldn’t be surprised at the caliber of individual(s) running for office particularly when the standard by which we measure performance is no better than what we expect from ourselves! After all even if the win is by one vote, or by the only vote cast, the decision will likely have migrated thru one of the following filters: “Um a Rep-Dumbicrat, they’re one too so Um gwuana vote fer em”, “They’re run’n so they must be good” or “They’re the lesser of two evils!”

Yes mam; when you set the bar so low even a cadaver can fall forward and be claimed a winner!  Hot Damn! Let’s all vote for Hilly-fer-Pres’dnt this way we’ll all know just how good Pres’dnt Obama really was.  Oh Lord, better stand back, it’s gonna be a big one!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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