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One Office At A Time

The future is what you make of it; how you get there is what you vote for. Much about this country’s political/socio-economic platform is a direct reflection of the public expectation; having come to expect something for nothing it then follows that the outcome is really not unexpected; now is it!

Most Americans have turned their back on the ballot box and in some way who can blame them however, that is part of the “change” strategy/platform; turn the system against itself and it will collapse. It’s time, seriously, way past time that Americans re-acquire their sovereign state and though you may not like the Candidates made available, two choices still remain:

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Mid-term elections suffer from a chronic lack of voter turnout and, frankly, turn-out for Presidential cycles are not particularly stellar either. The declining performance of government is not so much a function of progressive momentum shifting cultural/social order but more so that so few show-up and cast their vote in opposition. So the system morphs into malaise and dysfunction not by preference or choice but by default. A Nation fails because no one seems sufficiently concerned to be busied with any element of care/conscience/duty; a painful thought is it not?

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McConnell vs. Grimes – The Kentucky Model

There’s a serious contest taking place in Kentucky; it’s not a contest over Ideals mind you or, heaven forbid, Solutions or Compelling Models worth pursuing or emulating; NO! This contest is one which illustrates the deplorable state of the voting public’s expectations and how low they’ve become. The fact is that it’s not that Mitch McConnell is so bad but more so that Kentuckians have been so willing to tolerate his 30 consecutive years of non-performance!

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