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WuV19 (COVID) Facts vs. Fiction

There’s a great deal of misinformation floating about this subject much of which is occurring purely for controlling and arming the narrative. It is a factual certainty that a Public disabled by psychological manipulation is far easier to control and fascists find it a form of euphoria to imposes controls over people they detest. How far has it gone? Let’s start with the proven and unreported and you decide for yourself: (Note: we use the WuV19 reference in an attempt to circumvent the censorship, the true pandemic, that occurs for anyone who dare counter the prevailing script.)

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Points of Departure But No Escape!

The U.S. Election is already being viewed, around the world, as the “formal end” to the idyllic ambition of self-governance; the ultimate manifestation of Benjamin Franklin’s great fear that the People were incapable of doing what it took to “keep it,” to preserve the charities of Liberty.

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A Plan Drawn, A Plan Unleashed, A Nation in Shock!

A Plan Draw, A Plan Unleashed, a Nation in Shock! Running through the voting metrics, confirmed at 12:01 AM EST of 11/05/20, and it is clear something is terribly wrong in the results of at least seven key battle ground states: Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and N. Carolina.

As you read the following I want you to consider one undeniable fact, numbers don’t lie, not ever! But first, consider these relevant points:

  •  Joe Biden did virtually no campaigning in any of these identified states.
  •  Joe Biden’s advertising budget in these identified states was lower than Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run.
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X-Hairs V1- The Undoing!

There is always a price for moving forward; overcoming the inertial lethargy of complacency being the more immediate and perhaps the most conspicuous of the opposing force once expects to confront. In short form: Humans are very predictable; at the fringe of reason they calculate sloppily and even when faced with the evidence of their conspicuous duplicity they remain defiantly indignant.

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We’re All In This Together?

An irretrievably idiotic phrase, the perfect salve of banality, the moment applied your instantaneously numbed by the essence of mindless wonder accompanied by the willing surrender of one’s intellectual ballast; it’s right up there with global warming, social justice, carbon credits, windmills, equality, globalism, BLM and its iterations, making the world safe for democracy, Subaru=Love and diet soda. Looking at the climate as it is and its clear the only condition, I believe, we share together is the burdensome pain and consequence of groupthink. Really, should anyone ever want to be engaged in anything with anybody doing or engaged in anything that deprives one of their sovereign identity? The fact is that we, as a species, are operating way outside of our operational protocols and the deepening scars on our culture prove it.

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