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Political Weaponry

Tolerance is merely a tool spoken in favorable terms when those who seek to advantage themselves do so by placing a boot first on your freedoms and then on your conscience. Only those who fear the loss of privilege will admonish those who believe no such entitlement should exists and never at the expense of another.

The nature of this perpetual distortion requires a certain fight, a fight against an oppressor who will, as their first defense, deny you your own liberties as a tool for asserting their own.

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Biden Takes Aim at Judgment

In an era of designer media it should come as no surprise that the American People are not being told the facts about the fantasy affair that is the Biden-Foreign Policy paradigm. Here’s just a few points you should be aware of:

  • Biden’s re-entry into the Paris Climate accord is viewed as nothing more than a harlequin romance with the illusion of climatology-correctness. Any Member Country Politico, and we’ve spoken directly with eight of them, will tell you flatly the Europeans where conned into the PCA by the Obama Admins promise of Billions in American Taxpayer Dollars in exchange for their agreement to participate in the global ruse. None of the referendum offered in the PCA have an enactment or enforcement date or, far more fraudulent, no agreement on what the promise of the PCA will offer as an Energy Replacement. Europeans broadly view the entire façade as nothing more than the American’s Fast-Track to self-destruction.
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Nothing pleases a politician more than the privilege of being able to act and error with impunity.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Insatiable Truth Says Cicero

I’ve a long fascination with history; one-part drawn to the fantasy elements of Greek Gods, the allure of distant places occurring at a time and about the hub of Mediterranean Powers. American History is a favorite for the evolving value it represents however of classical history I focus on the Hellenistic, Persian and Roman period of war and conquest along with the writings of the various Scholars, Poets and Activists of the time and the narratives of those which survive and allow us to study a time that in many ways is no different than ours.

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Staging a Ruse

I’ve spent decades in the trough of analytics, absorbing (or as I refer to it as “sponging”) data looking for trends and patterns but mostly I learned to look not just for the anomalies that are obvious but for those that telegraph a calculated intent. Calculated intent is most conspicuous and most effective when it is shaped within a condition or circumstance that possess a implicit self-defense, the type that when challenged automatically repels the element of common sense, the seemingly inconceivable. The “lone fanatic” claim telegraphs a calculated intent, a purposeful simulation that when challenged make the challenger appear to be an absolute fool and instantaneously shuts down rational and justifiable suspicions. How effective is it? Well, think of the people who still believe that JFK, RFK and MLK were the victims of a crazed lunatic.

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