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Professional Sports- The Irredeemable!

Professional Sports are, without question, a Federal, State & Taxpayer Subsidized Trust Fund directed at inebriating the conscionable adequacies of the American Public. Their stand on Social Matters, manufactured or otherwise, is provided a publicly subsidized venue for the open display of the dysfunctional fairy-tail promulgated from within this structured form of sanctioned degradation. I urge Americans to refuse being patronized by these misfits. I urge every American to openly and conspicuously boycott these ego-centric misanthropic toads.

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Infrastructure Investment Gone Wrong (In a Big Way):

First of all, let’s begin with a fundamental, foundational, truth: Central Planning has never worked, it is the equivalent of believing one is able to recreate the earth from an end product, e.g., believing it is possible to reverse engineer Planet Earth using an Apple. The age-old conflict began with believing One can entrust the creation of an economic success to an apparatus that has no concept or grasp of the components, the integral necessities, that lie back or behind any creative motive or outcome. I am speak, specially, of the engine of “compelling cause.”

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The Wall of Injustice

While the Biden Administration works to pry political advantage out of human tragedy, with their watch us bait’n-seed- failure concurrently with incinerating virtue all-the-while the world watches in horror, the whole of humanity deepens its bewildering attachment to the absurd.

We’ve not yet tired of the “give me your tired” pitch now an integral part to the Political Culture just as Vote Harvesting is the latest livery of Social Justice. How did preying on those who suffer under decades of abuse, by fascist predators and their puppets, become a fashionable form to be cultured as if it were some form of virtue? Does this observation elicit an element of suspicion? Of doubt? Then consider, if you dare, the strategically placed and edited news clips highlighting the misfortunes of those – being openly encouraged by Beijing-Joe and his regimented horde – breaking the laws of a sovereign nation on every occasion that the U.S. Border is breached.

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Beijing-Joe Steps Closer to U.S. Submission:

The alternate title for this essay could have been “While Beijing-Joe Sleeps” though I found it annoying and peevishly oozie so I confined it to the lesser domain of idle commentary; either way it remains a fact that his rabid neo-globalists have thrown wide-open the door for a Chicom deal with the Iranian Junta.  Yes, China has done exactly as (we) predicted by moving forward with a $400 Billion investment scheme assuring themselves of an endless stream of Iranian crude.

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The Ignoble Hemorrhage of Divide:

The privilege of youth adorns the Child with an element of immunity, immunity from consciousness, conscientiousness, consequence and time. However, as the years pass, for most our outlook and our immunities become shaped, contoured and weathered by an acquired reverence for a type of balance one gains from the punishing effects of reality.

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