Politicizing Government is the Portal Thru Which Tyranny Makes its Entry

Releasing your bond to the betterment of your country is itself a polarizing event which matures (only) into a force that becomes terminally destructive. What is and will only ever be the compelling force that propels any Nation to a best-possible outcome is to (first) be clear about what the limits of Government are and to enforce those prohibitions upon it along with a public being, simultaneously, equally willing to converge upon the highest possible ideals common to all.

Representative self-governance can never be allowed to be an exhibition of social experimentation particularly when drawing from the impulse-driven dysfunction of political division. This is an anathema to Representative Government and for one very simply reason; it seeks plurality within the frequency of the lowest possible and most uncommon denominator ignoring the obvious truth that we should never be willing to seek consensus with ruthlessness of dysfunction. Faults in government are not ordained; they are licensed and thus self-inflicted.  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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