A Disintegration of the Defining Order

Whether it be the GOP’s blocking of President Obama’s Constitutional Right to present a Supreme Court nominee for Senate review or the defiantly lecherous manner in which Trump is being crucified by various misfits (left wing storm-troopers), the twisted contortions offered by eccentric ethnicities or deceptions emanating from the GOP and other Candidates (let’s be clear this is not intended as a full-frontal defense of Obama or Trump), and yet, all the while, it occurs to me just how destructively-ignorant these bandits actually are. How willing they are to assault the very liberties they use to indulge their divisiveness.

There is no freedom in an environment that attempts to silence one’s liberty. To accept the suspension of truth in favor of tyrannical illusions is to surrender one’s sovereign destiny and NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE but you owns this right. Shame on the lot of them and shame on you if you tolerate it.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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