Protectionism & Corporate Inversion Collide

While the Markets are sending shockwaves throughout the Global Marketplace, Domestic Economies are starting to take a closer look at their Economic Futures; odd that so many are perplexed by what they observe.

Protectionism is one of those oft-used phrases bent and twisted into subjugation. Applied when it suits and yet completely irrelevant (much as in the case of Comparative Advantage) in its practical application. The notion that Protectionism (applied to a Domestic Economy such as the U.S.) is somehow destructive ignores the fundamental underpinnings of a durable economy and exposes the motives behind those who oppose enforcing it.

Ask yourself this: what defense would there be in opposing a predatory force if nothing exists to repel its invasion? Do you not find it interesting that those who assail the notion of Protectionism are the very same who advocate Corporate Inversion? Seems to me that their motives are less than discreetly biased.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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