Putin’s Closing Olympic Message to America: Russia’s Not Your Problem!

Hints of Russia Sochi Olympics being the contemporary equivalent of Hitler’s 1936 Olympic Exhibition of Aryan supremacy seems a bit peculiar. Particularly given Bob Costas’ turgid bias that occasioned the NBC broadcasts; what an embarrassment and telling of a media bias that would do one Joseph Goebbels proud.

The question isn’t whether or not Russia is due a proper scolding but more so, given the rapacious appetite of U.S. leadership and its penchant for distortion (the truth being merely the cumulative body of lies no one dare question). The silencing of objection has been so effective that few seem to possess a foundation upon which the U.S.’s point of departure (from its fundamental ideals) can be identified.

Is the formulation of destruction so complete that its effect voids distinction? Unfortunately we no longer study or teach history; for this reason I believe that few will notice the frightening parallels between the U.S. and post WW1 Germany.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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