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Jordan – Motivating Fear

For the elite to be able to maintain the global economic conquest of resources the western financial system must not be challenged or allowed to fail. It is a given that gold, being far too valuable as a fractional commodity and though easily manipulated it has always been cumbersome as a form of currency (for various reasons). Oil, on the other hand, is ideal particularly if you control both its source and its market matrix (market, unit conversion and supply/demand).

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SB 2277: Making War-For- Profit-Legal

Strange as it may seem, perhaps even unbelievable, anyone who reads the text of this proposed Bill can be left with no other possible consideration. How has this Nation come to this point? The Policy of the government has leap-frogged over the base task of making lies so repetitive that they eventually become generally accepted to the current approach which dispenses with the effort, entirely. No questions, no propaganda no contest with the truth.
Taken directly from the “Bill Summary” note the following: “Directs the President to submit a plan to Congress for accelerating NATO and European missile defense efforts.” “…to promote assistance to Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova in order to exploit natural gas and oil reserves and to develop alternative energy sources.”  “Provides major non-NATO ally status for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova for purposes of the transfer or possible transfer of defense articles or defense services.”
We may very well as a Nation have crossed the line where one side stands Indispensable-Exceptionalism and the other, Rouge Nation Status. Read for yourself the following:
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Russia Vs. NATO | One Choice Remains

For open conflict to be avoided Russia (Putin) will have to back-down form its plans to return Ukraine, specifically Eastern Ukraine, to the control of Mother Russia; given Russia’s vested interests I see no chance of this happening.

The West has only one choice; stage a delay tactic until such time as Assad/Syria can be dealt with (so that the pipeline connection, now sitting idle in the vicinity of Turkey can be made with ease) which will allow for the Russian-supplied Energy to Western Europe to be replaced; there is no “or” in their action-plans.

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The Politics of Foreign Policy: Will Ukraine Admit NATO?-Part 6/6

Russia hasn’t forgotten the price and burden of direct Middle-East engagement. However Russia, unlike U.S. due to its long-standing relationship with Israel, has the luxury of poking and probing from the flanks of U.S. interests and it is doing so with the help of Syria and Iran.

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U.S. Intelligence – Ukraine

Walking back over the very same cliff seems to be the modus operandi of the Obama Foreign Policy. Todays White House statement citing that there is no credible link to Russia’s participation in the downing of MH17 is yet another example were U.S. Foreign Policy is nothing more than a parade of Masterful Equivocations the only effect of which is to increase the potency in the vacuum of leadership.

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