Ryan Failure Saves Trump!

Having written and contributed extensively to the Repeal & Replace efforts I confess I am pleased that the Effort has been suspended; proof of the extensive damage (to the Healthcare System) completed by Dems and their fantasy-Bill, ACA, and the incredible deference awarded to the Insurance Industry, Big Pharma, the Legal Profession and the for-profit Healthcare Providers.

Yes, I’m well aware that there is a sleaze-component of the system that will think of it as the Great Trump-Ryan Failure however, I see it quite differently. Yes, Ryan’s err was to think he could micromanage the Plan thru the quagmire of House Rules festering with ooze of political vice, but as predicted the Dems weren’t thinking of the whole-of-what’s-best rather they were thinking of the losing-advantage; we win if you don’t succeed and this will prove to be a serious problem for them as they still own Obamacare.

Anything short of a top-down-bottom-up substitute for the current system will simply be a mere tinkering-with what is already known to be a System in complete melt-down mode. Having occurred primarily because the majority of Politicians, or the Bureaucracies of State, haven’t a clue on how to make a healthcare system work, let alone design one that doesn’t create profit-sanctuaries for interest who fund their political ambitions.

For the Trump Administration, the healthcare issue represents an amazing opportunity to correct nearly five decades of perpetual failure however, it is not one that will be achieved by complicating the process. It is our hope that now, with the privilege of having a second look the Administration, he will take the time to rethink the task at hand and approach the solution purposefully and with absolute clarity.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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