Sadness in a Smiling Face

“Your eyes defy a weeping heart, a smile conceals a silent spirit; the pain of sadness. Would that I had known, that I would brave to heal, that I might wipe away your tears, that I might share my hope in the company of grace; that I might give to you relief in the fondness of loves embrace. Would that I had known, what could I have done? I am left to never know.”

There’s an amazing outpouring of commentary over the passing of Robin Williams and when I came across this piece it seemed to compress a great deal of thought appropriately into words. It reminds me that there is far too much sadness in a world full of so much promise and it’s moments like these that I’m reminded of how much more I am able to do. Take a moment, reach out and do what you are able for someone who needs to know.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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