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Vacuum of Global Conscience

November 24, 2009

I’ve written before on my, as well as others, suspicious of the curious claims relating to man’s contribution to the conundrum identified as “Climate Change”.

The crisis is not so much as man’s contribution to Global Warming as it is to his contribution to Global Blundering! 

I refer to it as the Vacuum of Global Conscience primarily as it illustrates how the devise of Economic Need and Economic Pandering converge to become, in effect, one and the same: Divisive Greed!

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Hybrid Thinking

February 28, 2009

More often than not I receive wonderful comments from folks who have (or both) either read my various comments (which appear in several places) or see or hear me “live”. I am always grateful!

I never though of myself as a “social commentator”, frankly,  I arrived at a point in my life were I discovered a discord about me and that this “thing” I felt, or sensed,  was not exclusive to me!  In point of fact, what I’m discovering is there are far more people, than I ever thought possible, who sense the very same discord! Shoot, I thought I was the only “crazy person”!

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