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Global Warming in Mythological Terms

Growing up in small-town Pennsylvania I recall the panic of the time (late 1960’s to early 70’s); a threat of the coming “New Ice Age” all caused by the spewing of various contaminants from heavy industry. Now, forty-years later, it’s the complete reverse.

For whatever reason, clinically perverse as they may be, science has provoked itself into an epiphanic form of zealotry busying itself with crafting any number of data-updates to mirror or support the human-cause claim.

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Gaseous Emissions

The subject of Greenhouse Gas emissions would be a relevant conversation, that is if we were comparing planet Earth with, say, Mars but who would really want that conversion? Seems we’ve forgotten, or conveniently ignored, that CO2 is what comes out of our lungs and integral to the Earths life-cycle. The EPA acknowledges that even if the planned carbon emissions standards are fully activated the effect on CO2 levels will be negligible. Moreover, there is little to no evidence that Greenhouse Gases are integral to the global-warming fanfare.

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Vacuum of Global Conscience

November 24, 2009

I’ve written before on my, as well as others, suspicious of the curious claims relating to man’s contribution to the conundrum identified as “Climate Change”.

The crisis is not so much as man’s contribution to Global Warming as it is to his contribution to Global Blundering! 

I refer to it as the Vacuum of Global Conscience primarily as it illustrates how the devise of Economic Need and Economic Pandering converge to become, in effect, one and the same: Divisive Greed!

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Flat Earth Econ

February 6, 2009

 One of the great thrills of writing these posting is that I get to exchange with you ideas that are crafted, largely, from spontaneous thoughts occurring in instances where I’m speaking in front of a group or I barking at the radio!

“Flat Earth Idolatry” (FEI)  is just one of the spontaneous thoughts!   I coined the word to capture the though of observed, by me of course,  instances were an event is being expressed as a “given” when in fact it is based on completely erroneous assumptions.  The kind of event that when one observes its occurrence you find yourself saying, “oh come one, who do they think they’re kidding!”

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