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The Nexus of a Nuclear Iran

While the subject of nuclear talks with Iran becomes yet another geo-political skirmish we mustn’t lose sight of what’s at stake; what no “Deal” will adequately address. There is a reason why the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was signed. There is a reason why one never empowers a deadly enemy. There is a reason why one never accommodates or sanctions tolerance for the carousel of error.

Sure, it is not possible, in the current era, to eradicate nuclear capabilities from Nations who currently possess it. To even attempt the idea, as a token gesture of faith or commitment, is merely to invite further imbalance. This issue is not a U.S. or even an Israeli security matter, it is one of far greater significance; it is a crisis of the human-spirit.

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The Wrong Side of History

Of the Presidents most iconic and overused statement none hold a senior status to that of his “wrong side of history” comment. Anyone who knows and understands philosophic Russia and its history knows that Putin’s actions are, in fact, right in line with history. The neo-progressive revisionists here in the U.S. may very well successfully persuade Americans to buy it, the European theater will not.

Economic sanctions, really? Russia has no worry over a declining Ruble and for one very good reason: Putin’s Russia doesn’t accept payment for energy supplies, to the E.U. or from China, in Rubles. The whorish actions of Western Managed Commodities Markets are preying on crude and this is driving up the price per barrel which is to Russia’s advantage. Sanctions indeed! Weakness is not a position of strength.

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