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ON AIR with Host Mike Miller of WIMA 1150

The Foundations Weekly OnPoint Series continues with Host Mike Miller of 1150 WIMA in Lima, Ohio and Policy Analyst, Curtis Greco. This week features “U.S. Poised to Take Lead in Energy Production; will it Lead to a Domestic Economic Rebound?” This vignette appears throughout the week during Michael’s 6-9 a.m. (ET) Show. Ohio’s In-Tune & In-Touch Host, catch him Live in-market or online at www.1150wima.com.

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Russia; are U.S. Sanctions working?

To even the casual observe it should be clear that the Russian economy runs on gas and oil. The U.S., on the other hand, is the world’s largest producer of cutting-edge energy tech. Here you have the makings of two conflicting paradigms each in stark contrast with one another and yet both have their eyes set on anchoring the geology of the Black Sea perimeter.

Russia, although more immediate to the area and initially appearing to hold the advantage, has the greater risk whereas the U.S./West is far more economically diverse and has greater staying power. Still we mustn’t forget that Russia is quite capable (as we see with their provocative willingness in Syria, Iraq and Iran) of blending forces with China to contest U.S./Western actions in a most effective and asymmetrical way.

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Fuel Pricing & The Trajectory of Currency

Fuel & crude, right up there with gold & currencies, are among the easiest of commodities to manipulate; the profit potential is massive and along with it the consequences as well. Much has been written about the new-found resources (domestic) and with it the belief that user-energy costs will soften with a supply increase; but not so fast!

It is important to remember the fuel/crude prices move in the global commodity of commerce where the customary metrics of supply & demand are truly not the final arbiters of price. There is far more profit in manipulating supply & demand and this function, market manipulation, is the most potent commodity of all.  Fuel prices will remain high (than actual supply/productive capacity would otherwise dictate) simply because of the collateral advantages offered by the commodity of manipulable market realties.

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Back-Fill & Flooding – The Syrian Effect

Sanctions are nothing more than a teaser; buying time while other opportunities develop. The E.U. is economically unstable; the only basket of capacity being Germany, it too has energy concerns and a public that is strongly pitched against tangling with Russia.

Solution for the Western Financiers? Simple; find a cheap and readily available energy source to replace Russian LNG & Crude. Where? Even easier! Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are flush with it and the pipeline from the E.U. lies in wait (in Turkey).  Who/what stands in the way? Syria; allied with Russia.

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