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Back-Fill & Flooding – The Syrian Effect

Sanctions are nothing more than a teaser; buying time while other opportunities develop. The E.U. is economically unstable; the only basket of capacity being Germany, it too has energy concerns and a public that is strongly pitched against tangling with Russia.

Solution for the Western Financiers? Simple; find a cheap and readily available energy source to replace Russian LNG & Crude. Where? Even easier! Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are flush with it and the pipeline from the E.U. lies in wait (in Turkey).  Who/what stands in the way? Syria; allied with Russia.

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Putin; an Ascending Nazi?

Comparing Putin’s Ukrainian/Crimea policy to something on the order of a state sponsored ethnic-eugenics program, Hillary Clinton again proves how completely irrelevant (and perhaps even dangerously incompetent) she really is.

Let us never forget that Hitler’s rise to power was sanctioned by a massive western funding apparatus whose goal, like that for Ukraine, was to conscript the resources of Germany. As we now see, ignoring the massive cost in human life and resources is ultimately what happened to nearly all of Europe. Russia has no such ambition, however Putin is desperately trying to fend off the very same “western funding apparatus” that has laid waste to the Americas, most of Europe, Continental Africa/Middle East as well as Asia.

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The Commerce of War

Just how cleverly ineffective are sanctions? Currently berthed in the French port of Saint-Nazaire is the first of two advanced-tech Mistral—Class Carriers waiting delivery to Russia. Built by the French shipbuilder, DCNS (75 percent-owned by French Gov’t), it should be quite clear that in the industry of arms there is no ideological allegiance.

As history proves, sanctions lead to war and war leads to profits. What can the U.S. do short of pressing forth with the inevitability that the current strategy will bring? The rational approach is to recognize the Crimean referendum and focus on lending support to building an independent Ukraine that in 10 years is a show-case for the power behind a sovereign people bound by a common ideal.

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The Metrics of an Active Miscalculation

With 80 percent of Europe in support of Russian Ukraine/Crimea strategy it’s absolutely clear that US Policy-nymphs are missing a critical point. Seems that the only influence in support of what “the West” is doing (code for U.S./U.K./Germany) are those who are directing the agenda.

It’s clear that the goal is to break-up Putin’s Russia, but what is missed is the blow-back. Clearly Putin isn’t going to open the gates to Mother-Russia and by what right, I ask you, should he? Fast-forward; this sequence of miscalculations will only press a more impenetrable alliance between Russia & China who, itself, is eager to lay waste to Western influence in the Asian theater.

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Ukraine, Crimea, Russia & the Inept

The USSR and Czarist Russia may be history but their legacy lives. Although the strong-arm of the Soviets gave the appearance of a unified front the fact remains that Mother-Russia has always been an amalgamation of autonomous and semi-autonomous regions loosely bound by inference, population infusion and extraction, treaty or threat.

Presently on one side you have Putin, determined to preserve the continental Russian Federation (including the western boundary States of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) which, on all fronts, is at risk for fracturing and on the other side is the West (lead primarily by the U.S. & U.K.) who would love nothing more than to see Putin’s Russia fall victim to separatist fragmentation.

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