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Israel: Elections of Influence – Where there is no Recognized Boundaries, there are no Boarders of Prohibition!

Meddling in the election processes of a foreign country, on the surface, would seem to be a contemptible act particularly for champions of the democratic process; you know the sacred notion of the one-man-one-vote thing. To be sure, it is a sacred and sovereign right and so it seems a bit odd that given U.S. Government practices, most recently being the U.S. sponsored overthrow in Ukraine, the structured antics in Egypt, the current adventures in Venezuela and so on, throttles the forces that assert that the Presidents favoring of a Netanyahu replacement is somehow a breach of U.S. Policy.

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Netanyahu & Putin – Dynamics of Sentiment

The speed of media is such that considerate deliberation has given way to the spontaneity of impulse; at any given moment the message intended can either enrage or fall upon an ear who’s decidedly disinterested. Netanyahu is in an extremely unstable environment; the once always pro-Israel media is now taking up the flag of counter-initiatives and the once alert and ever-faithful U.S. regime is disinterested. Putin, on the other hand, is facing a U.S. Policy regime impulsively committed to encircling Russia however much of Europe and the American public can’t quite grasp why they should care.

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