Netanyahu & Putin – Dynamics of Sentiment

The speed of media is such that considerate deliberation has given way to the spontaneity of impulse; at any given moment the message intended can either enrage or fall upon an ear who’s decidedly disinterested. Netanyahu is in an extremely unstable environment; the once always pro-Israel media is now taking up the flag of counter-initiatives and the once alert and ever-faithful U.S. regime is disinterested. Putin, on the other hand, is facing a U.S. Policy regime impulsively committed to encircling Russia however much of Europe and the American public can’t quite grasp why they should care.

Here’s the danger: The Islamists desire to drive Israel into the Mediterranean is an absolute; the kind that thrives on the spontaneity of impulse the opportunity for which is measured in the flight time of a missile or other airborne delivery system. Israel’s response will be absolute and devastatingly so. Putin, on the other hand, may fear the unleashing of an American military response however he, I promise you, views this as a most unlikely event and for this reason he will place his bets on Obama and continue what he views as a purely defensive posture.

Hidden within this tangled web of idiotic is an absolute that always defies the ambitions of impulse; the absolute certainty that an impulsive action triggers the spontaneity of an impulsive response or, ideally, a response that is planned to look as if it is an impulsive response which occurs only once the dynamics of public sentiment catch up to it.

Whatever the triggering, the fact is that the environs upon which the response is plaid is dreadfully different that that immediately prior to the “trigger” and there is no going back once the alternatives have been eliminated. Beware of burning ships!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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