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Tillerson: It Happened in Moscow!

While much of the dialogue and stern expressions were originally pre-planned optics – for Putin, likely to stall the Russian People’s growing contempt for his domestic infidelities while for Tillerson, an opportunity to demonstrate that both he and the President’s Russia-Connections, whatever they may have been, where checked at the door of Public Office – it’s fair to say that Tillerson’ s first venture into the world of Russian geopolitical orthodoxy required no re-write of the pre-planned script.

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U.S. Secretary of State; a Going Forward Quality

Keep in mind that given the world imbalance Trump is inheriting, his going-forward protocols must position the U.S. in such a manner that personifies resolve, strategic, rapier-like in response. Particularly in defense of its assets and interests, and absolute in its ability to demonstrate an astute and measured capacity for achieving rational and balanced agreement.

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