U.S. Secretary of State; a Going Forward Quality

Keep in mind that given the world imbalance Trump is inheriting, his going-forward protocols must position the U.S. in such a manner that personifies resolve, strategic, rapier-like in response. Particularly in defense of its assets and interests, and absolute in its ability to demonstrate an astute and measured capacity for achieving rational and balanced agreement.

The American form of government is not designed for, or was it ever, intended to maintain a perpetually fascist regiment of predatory interventionism and for this reason, primarily, the U.S. has never been good at combative-resolutions. The political system isn’t designed for follow-thru on/in long-term or protracted foreign schisms. This Nation should always and only demonstrate its potency by and thru the success of our domestic policy apparatus. Our advocacy of Foreign Policy must then also be an extension of that very apparatus specifically in the international arena were civilian interests are disadvantaged.

It is not possible for a national foreign policy structure to be in the service of civilian interests and where the making of war is nothing more than a predatory exhibition of perpetual conflict. In the end, war is not a resolution of disagreement, it is the outcome of a committed interest’s unwillingness to achieve it. The prize of conflict warps principle every time.

Mr. Romney’s physical appearance may present itself as statesmen-like however, it is in his ability to project or engender the craft of statesmanship where he falls critically short. Trump is masterful at redirection and as he’s demonstrated this ability both in the selection methods he employs and in the manner he manages the media.

In my opinion, and for remarkably sound reasons, David Petraeus is a superb option and indicates the President-Elects dynamic approach to staffing for success; target your goal then surround yourself with competent personnel (smarter than you) in command of the facilities required to achieve it. Now, whether or not Trump is prepared to battle the likely objections (over this appointment) is, as yet, unclear; either way Petraeus offers an invaluable skillset applicable to a variety of posts, perhaps even as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder   

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