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Pelosi (D-Ca) & Warren (D-Ma): An Expanding Front Setting New Standards of Deception

As if the seemingly ever-decaying standards of decorum aren’t sufficient cause for Americans’ contempt for Congress there is an entirely new front forming lead by Rep. Pelosi (D-Ca) and Sen. Warren (D-Ma). The further loss of control in the House paired with the turn-over in the Senate has unleashed a torrent of excrement by political sloths eager to remain relevant.

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Retirement, Social Security & Shifting Paradigms

As Senator Warren (D-Ma) stumbles about the airwaves banking the growth in her political capital as the next great neo-progressive her mantra centers about the same flaw suffered by most that frequent academia or other reality-starved environs. Her perspective is shared by many of the politically anointed suggesting that the way to solve the country’s social and economic problems is, in a nut-shell, to spend more money. The truth of reality is much too painful for most, however the reality is that expecting an expanding harvest from a diminishing yield is only a temporary luxury in the era of simulated realities.

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