Tea Party: The Next Great Conquest! Part II

The miss-reading of the American Political Tide, as its torment grows, is to believe that American’s are Centrists and that some how those who do not align with the political caste system of Democrat or Republican are defined as or become “middle of the road” as to their political will and of course, nothing can be further from the truth! No, these People “swing” as they do only because they attempt to align themselves more toward “the possibility of representation” largely because they know that there is no true choice as an alternative. They are, in fact, in search of representation. How many times have you found yourself or heard of another saying, “…I’m selecting the lesser of two evils?”  As I ponder this resolution, I must say I find it to be the most reprehensible aspect of American Political Realities!  

Regardless,  the System contorts itself to provoke and cajole this “Center” group, which I estimate to be roughly 58% of the potential electorate, largely because it needs this group contained and controlled to keep it from becoming, dare I say, “rouge”.  It is VERY important to understand that when I speak of “Centrist” I speak not of “middle of the roaders”, no, I speak of Americans who occupy the historical residence of American Ideals espoused by the Declaration of Independence and as enumerated by/in the Constitution of the United States of America.  These represent the “rogue” component of the American Electorate and I suspect that its ranks may be greater than even I’ve considered.  

This then leads us to “The Tea Party: The Next Great Conquest!”  

As was and has been the case in the past when a 3rd Party or Movement has mustered the courage to take a stand against Partisan Politics (the System), they inevitably fall victim to what I call the “Rogue Factor”.  This notion intends to identify the “black swan”, the “Trojan Horse” or the “Poison Seed” that ultimately destabilizes the effort or movement.   Throughout our own American History, they’ve predictably appeared and though I’m certainly not one to indulge in conspiracy theories I do find it interesting that the moment a “head dare stand taller” some mysterious event seems to surface to “lop it off”! The most notable being Benedict Arnold, John Wilkes Booth, “Black Tuesday”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Magic Bullets”,  “Golf of Tonkin”, Sir Han Sir Han and the list goes on and on. 

Let us then now bring the point full circle and recall a very interesting event not so long ago: Ross Perot and his front organization “United We Stand”.  I personally recall, full well, the furry in the nation at the time toward George “the elder” and the Public Outcry sufficiently severe that even the unrepresented “Centrists” were willing to toss their hat in the ring of the Peripatetic Ross Perot! Again, the mistake one could draw from this was that the People were crazy about Ross Perot; clearly they were not however, what they were was desperate! Desperate for a choice NOT BEING OFFERED!  The problem was that Ross Perot had no intention of becoming President, his interest was only to keep George “the Elder” from a second Term and he couldn’t care less how it occurred.  Equally worth noting is the Bill Clinton was the ultimate benefactor winning with among the lowest percentages (popular vote) in history  for a majority party!  You may find comfort in knowing that no matter the Party, the System reigns supreme!  Warms the heart.

Sound strangely familiar?  Well it should as the whole process is playing out once again before your very eyes only this time, the “Centrists” are growing more vocal and more insistent!  I’m of the opinion, now more than ever, the John McCain had no intention of becoming President: what he wanted was to insure that Obama did.  Why you might ask? Very simply, the System protects itself (see point 1,2 & 3 above), McCain new he couldn’t pull the “Centrist” core sufficiently to gain a mandate so he did the next best thing, he insured that there were none who could upset the balanced-control the System had worked to achieve. They both, Obama and McCain, represent the System in self-protect mode.  

Now then here is the great risk to the Tea Party Movement.  The System will either seek to adopt the Movement or it will marginalize it.  Look at how quickly Sarah Palin moved in to become the adoring icon.  Do you really think Ms. Palin will abandon the System for the Tea Party Ideals?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE!  Listen very closely to “Palin-Speak”,  she talks in deliberately opaque and non-specific terms and when she’s pressed, she folds!  Personally, I like the folksy “ways” of Ms. Palin and she appears to be a very bright and deliberate woman however she also appears to be far to manufactured and guarded much in the same form as past “rogues.”  

The danger for the Tea Party is the risk that it will fracture or splinter into groups that cause the entire effort to vaporize in to nothingness much as the “United We Stand” movement did before it. For an effort such as the Tea Party movement to succeed, it needs to define and align itself with specific concepts which are universal in scope and not nebulous notions such as “change you can believe in” or “…just like President Reagan…” and so on.  The Movement must lead by being “Already In Front” of the issues such that People are drawn by a compelling message that is shared and not a message looking for People to share it with!  

The only way to recover our Representative form of Government is to force abandonment of Partisan Politics and if this is to occur it will be the result of this  “Core” converging upon one unstoppable ideal whereby the System, as it is, will have no choice but to respond or default on its own.  In Volume III of the Blind Vision Series, “Valor in Prosperity”, I offer a chapter discussing a few possible options we might consider for accomplishing this very task.  I trust you will be sure to obtain your own copy.  

In the end, as is always the case with outcome, the results will be equal to the effort applied.  To date, the cause and effort has been in favor of an outcome clearly adverse to the benefit and will of the People and as the trend presently appears, this will continue until – at some point – the System ultimately collapses under the weight of its own abuses.  The tragedy will be immense and the cost  more severe than most are willing to consider; even more,  is the greater tragedy of Lost Grace and Forgotten Duty!  So much has been expended and we appear to have turn our backs on Providential Design and Will!  Who dare face their Creator and say “I did all I could?”  Rest assured, He, Who or Whatever this “Being”  may be is likely to know better!!  

There is much to “Stand 4” and I believe we should start first with “Standing4” one another!  That’s what I believe!  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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