The Art of Dysfunction

Government, when left to its own device, devolves into a demoralizing medium; the outcome of a bureaucracy-mentality operating in the only way its design will allow it to persist.

It cannot look toward the ideal of perfecting its function or even efficiency, to do so would lessen its fundamental mandate and so, instead, it works devilishly to fatigue the public’s expectation of what constitutes appropriate outcome from proper form. The result of course is near perfect dysfunction.

While the rolls of dependency expand so do the numbers disenfranchised, metered by a dominating sense of overwhelming mediocrity. Faithfully endorsed by those with expectations based on what comes at no price; or so it seems.

We know, from history, this form cannot survive for long before it implodes upon itself. There’s a price for fixing this mess and it is not a 1-term fix; it will, in fact, require perpetual effort.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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