What Become of the New Year?

The short answer is: precisely what you make of it. True, I am an itinerant optimist; I elect to look for unfolding promise whatever its phase, fully aware that a relentless force lies in opposition willing an alternate point of view.

Take for example, this Nation; a testament to the durability of its foundation is seen in the heights of its success so much so that it has been sufficient to keep it fighting for its life – scarred, demoralized and fractured though it may be – through a seemingly relentless plunge toward its own self-destruction.

Yes, there is such great promise yet to be explored or perhaps better said, awakened. 2016 is, for many reasons, going to be a remarkable year. It is going to test the resolve and talent of the American people as every problem this country faces (and there are many very difficult issues a foot) finds its origins in an internal conflict; you might even think of it as a “relentless force lying in opposition willing an alternate point of view.”

This Nation, being born out of a dynamic sense of promise, is ailing from a near terminal vacuum of leadership and no, it’s not political leadership – we know what that malignant form is capable of – however, it is the type of leadership that is born out of character and the functionality of form and function that it breeds.

I’m not one who trades on the many metaphors of fear and yet as I look out over the next twelve months I am reminded of one significant concern: This country cannot survive without functional government built upon the conscience of character and so my concern is that the American voter might very well elect someone who has absolutely no idea how (or no intention of) to build a fulcrum dedicated to re-leveraging this vital function back into action.

How or if this occurs is largely dependent on the American people; understand one outcome is going to be the winner however, what is yet unknown at this point is who it will be; us or the opposition willing an alternate point of view that has proven itself defiantly not in your best interest.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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