The Politics of Foreign Policy-Part 3/6

Where the Middle-East is concerned and as the British, French, Italians, Germans and Russia (and others before them) learned, you’re either “in” to the death or you stay out. Here are two very specific reasons why:

  1. The genetics of the Middle-East is of Tribal/Sectarian origins and is completely immune to western ideology.
  2. They’ve centuries of dealing with the shifting sands of the desert; they’ve learned to survive by waiting out the wind(s).

Unfortunately, thanks to (primarily) the Russians, the Chinese and the U.S., fanaticism has been both fueled and armed with deadly weaponry and technology making any course a deadly option. This is precisely why the notion of “arming” the so-called “opposition” is so peevishly stupid and symptomatic of the adolescent overbite of a politicized bureaucracy.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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