Trump Meeting with Putin: A strategy!

Putin will meet Trump, but not before having spent hours reading thru various briefs, psychological profiles. He will enter the meeting believing he has Trumps number and the key to molding Trump is to feed off of their perceptions that Trumps greatest weakness is his insatiable need to feed his ego; a great mistake. This type of “carrot” doesn’t work with Donald Trump and for one simple reason; despite what you may think he doesn’t think of himself as an Alpha Male.

Here’s how you deal with this micro-management scheme: The President walks in, pleasantries are exchanged and then both gentlemen take their seats and then Trump feeds Putin the opportunity to present his cooperative agenda. Trump displays an earnest, almost laser like focus, and then, when Putin cycles for rebuttal, Trump sighs and takes to his feet and responds, eye to eye, with the following: “How unfortunate, I’d truly hope for a substantive discussion and what I received (from you) amounts to nothing more than a total disregard for the fundamental principles upon which any rational accord might be reached. I trust, before some foolish act forces our response, you will reconsider your position. Good Day Mr. Putin”

He turns to leave, he pauses then pivots pensively restoring eye to eye contact with Mr. Putin and offers the following parting salute: “In the meantime, the U.S. will begin routine shipments of Natural Gas and Crude Oil to E.U., including the Ukraine, fuel transfer hubs and finalize agreements relating to our restoring a permanent U.S. Naval facility in the Philippines. I believe it appropriate to let you know some of what I have in mind. Now then, unless you would like to pursue a rational and frank discussion by all means let’s proceed, otherwise I’m happy to postpone our visit to allow you to reconsider.”

There are no soft-touch dealings with the character–type of Mr. Putin; his needle only moves when faced with blunt force trauma, metaphorically speaking. Food for thought.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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