U.S. Welcomes Fascism!

The humility this Nation Suffers lies directly at the feet of Congress, more specifically, at the dour skillset of its political leadership. Yes, the Public bears ultimate responsibility after all we elect these misfits to office. And yet, is it unreasonable to assume that there should be some level of trust, faith or even some measure of a fundamental cannon of order upon which the American People can rely?

Is it unreasonable to expect that One should be able to fall asleep in their home with the confidence that your safety is reasonably secured simply because we have a general agreement with one another that you are sacred? That we have a fundamental understanding that though shalt not,…whatever? Why is it Congress is simply unable to express this very simple and most basic level of trust? Why has the distance, for Congress, between itself and the People it represents grown so distant and so replete with indifference? When fully half of this Nations legislative body refers to the other half as being the representatives of a Citizenry they define as “deplorable” or as “terrorists” or both how can there be any hope for reconciliation or any intention of or for it?

The moment you find it necessary to question a systems integrity it should be clear that it is highly likely that very system has moved well passed the boundaries one now concerned to have been violated. More to the point, if you find yourself coughing up blood it’s fairly certain that you should no longer have need to question whether or not something (with your body) is amiss.

As the U.S. Congress embarks on yet another Impeachment Fraud the American Public is being reminded that their Elected Officials DO NOT Share your regard for the Constitution or the inanimate fodder known as “the Law” but most importantly for the very basic elements that bind your personal Faith to your Neighbors Moral Compass; the simplest forms of demonstrated character that no law can enforce, no political feudalism can prescribe and no boundary can restrict.

The idea of Impeaching Trump, a second time (forget the first – idiotic is long gone under the bridge), is not simply absurd on the face of it but, in actuality, the action violates every Constitutional Rule, the most basic components of Common Law’s prohibitions this Country composed at its inception, e.g., Bills of Attainder being the most obvious with separation of powers and due process being the more fundamental and notwithstanding these all the while there is something so very basic to our core that has, tragically, wasted on to the blackhole of oblivion: Our willing repudiation of the absurdly and dishonorably unjust for which we are seemingly no longer repulsed.

This Nation has evolved into a culture that’s allowed itself to remain compliant and complicit in and toward its own destruction for the simple reason or belief that it is far more survivable to abide in self-destruction than to be willing to stand and account for one’s complicity. The fashionability of and for tolerance is now moved well beyond and into the phase of the out-of-control.

The actions of Congress, on many levels, are not simply an open mockery of this Nations Legacy of Representative Government it is a direct and deliberate repudiation of its ideal. John Adams was and remains an excellent reference point for the wholesale violation of order and substance that has taken place and of his many writings none are more prescient than this:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The actions of Congress endorsed and accommodated by Biden/Harris, and by their silence the American People as well, have by their acts of commission and omission stirred unchecked division and by doing so have welcomed the pathogens of Fascism to these United States and the furry that will follow from it will not spare a single observer or participant. No, this level of fashionability has a huge price associated with it and I assure you it is unreconcilable.

I remain immutable in my conviction that we are, simultaneously, part of a whole that consists of absolute components of polarity without which there could be any capacity for distinctions or could there be an allowance for the Individuals that we undoubtably are with each of us owning a certain and specific role in the whole of creation occurring as it must. However, I am equally immutably certain that as we continue to insist that acts of defiance are the equal of providential order then all we do is suspend the marvelous and unimaginable wonder that awaits from occurring (also) as it should. I say we best get on with it. You?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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