Ukraine: Angle of Attack

Western influences are driving the media-push to frame Putin as the aggressor; fact is that Putin, despite the virile opposition’s distortions of history and fact, is maneuvering with great restraint and well within Russia’s established agreements/treaties with Ukraine.

Where is this headed? Simple: E.U. deeply resents Russia’s control of their energy supplies while Western banking & financial interests want control of Russian resources and Putin is clearly aware of this.

How is this to be accomplished? First: Be aware that massive natural gas (LNG) supplies are located in Yemen; the connection of the pipeline (for Crude & LNG) thru Saudi Arabia and the one from the E.U. (which will also service Eastern Europe including former Soviet States) has been stalled because of the Russian-backed regime (Assad) in Syria.

To remove the Syrian obstacle requires disabling Putin’s Russia; to disable Putin’s Russia requires an asymmetrical thrust which could include: economic pressure, raiding Russia’s revenue source, political ostracism (UN/NATO/IMF), fuel internal crisis/dissent by manipulating various Muslim-centric regions within the Russian Federation. These are just a few of the available options.

Remember that when Gadhafi (Libya) went under, Russia lost its agreement for a Mediterranean port/base which leaves them, tenuously, with the Port of Tartus (Syria). If Russia were to lose its Crimean Port/Base so goes it’s only year-round warm water port.

Now then, with all this known, what are Putin’s choices? I’ll lay them out for you by reference to State/Nation: China, N. Korea and Iran the first and last of which have extensive covert capacities not to mention Russia itself. This entire affair is going to, incrementally, ramp-up and now that you know the moving parts of the chess-board the trip-wire that will define our future history will be all the more conspicuous.

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.
#1: DO, it only appears complex which is, of course, the function of the media and their miss-information. It’s very simple; thieves who survive by preying upon a target and accomplish it by programming an audience into believing that it’s not stealing when you take it from an enemy of your own making. It truly is that simple.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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