WiNiP | What I Noticed in Passing forms the following question:

When you negate a component of the foundation upon which your premise stands do you not then defeat the entire structure upon which your premise/ambition is based?

Examples: When you surrender your liberty are you still (really) free to make any choice? Or, another way of pitching the point: If your choices are limited only to those made available is one truly at liberty to freely choose? If your concept of Freedom is the liberty to make a choice then does it not also require one to be free from the imposition of consequence occurring from the choice made by another?

When the U.S. Government acts, ostensibly on the grounds of promoting or protecting democracy, adverse to the majority will of those it assaults is it, in fact, acting consistent with its stated intent? If life is indeed sacred then are you truly free to take a life without consequence?

It may seem, arguably, that these are miscellaneous ramblings of utter nonsense however if one thinks of them in terms of what is presently going on around the world and, more significantly, here in the U.S. then I believe they are actually quite useful in developing an element of clarity. Life is a mirror; it reflects back the very image we project.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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