Mid-term elections suffer from a chronic lack of voter turnout and, frankly, turn-out for Presidential cycles are not particularly stellar either. The declining performance of government is not so much a function of progressive momentum shifting cultural/social order but more so that so few show-up and cast their vote in opposition. So the system morphs into malaise and dysfunction not by preference or choice but by default. A Nation fails because no one seems sufficiently concerned to be busied with any element of care/conscience/duty; a painful thought is it not?

I’m constantly asked “but who do I vote for?” and here’s my answer: Vote, not along party lines, but in direct opposition to trend-decay.  If the incumbent is part of the dominant trend toward decay then vote for the other candidate; if the challenger is aligned with idyllic-notions conveying that the trend-decay is merely a function of insufficient action (e.g., the message being that if we only were to spending more on a bad idea we can make a bad idea survivable or that it’s politically safe to tell the people whatever they want to hear so long as you never explain to them exactly what you said) then stick with the incumbent until a more level-headed challenger surfaces.

In short, given the current state of this Nation’s deeply politicized form of governance, the strategy should be to encourage the public to vote in such a way as to turn the system against itself. Please do get out and vote on November 4th and drag as many eligible voters as possible along with you; we need to vote a future far different than the one presently planned and you do this by voting-out progressive decay.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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