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Hidden Truths – Vanishing Freedoms

Having written and spoken on economic and various policy issue for nearly twenty-five years it wasn’t long into the process that I discovered, more frequently than I’d previously thought possible, that government policy was increasingly becoming a direct extension of private economic interests each masquerading under some form of social justice or progressive mantra. Quite frankly having buried myself under pages and pages of documents and bound volumes with screen upon screen of data mines neatly arranges on countless spreadsheets I spent untold hours connecting various data-points looking for trends or predictive schemes it was more of a coincidence that I would arrive at, what was for me, a rather stunning observation. All the while I was looking for a trend or predictive tooling what I eventually discovered was a preconceived series of deliberate schemes structured to yield a specific and calculated outcome were already in place. The outcome of my discovery was this: I could predict an outcome (direct or collateral) by simply following the logical extension (twisted as it might be) of the originating force. Let me offer just a few examples of what I mean: 

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Price Fixing or is it Tax Evasion?

Federal prosecutors are continuing their assault on various antitrust violations and 2012 marks the second straight year that the Department of Justice has levied more than $1 Billion in fines.  The most recent example of the DOJ’s campaign came last September (2013) with their announcement that nine Japan-based auto parts manufactures pleaded guilty to charges relating to a widespread price-fixing racket alleged to have added over $5 Billion to the cost of new vehicles. 

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Under God and The Lowest Possible Common Denominator

Again the infant mind of the narcissist pairs-up with an ignorant voice as, under the cover of Religious Liberty, a pleading is being prepared for for an all-out assault on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s Constitution pleading that “Under God” (as it appears in the Pledge of Allegiance) is an issue of discrimination. Again the Lowest Possible Common Denominator is being used as a weapon and it remains to be seen whether the Courts will act appropriately.  

First, I believe we must first reacquaint ourselves with often forgotten or mostly ignored principles of American Representative Government: (1) The context of “representative”, (2) The standing of Government and (3) Those Freedoms not only reserved by the People but those which the Gov’t may not offend.  

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Curing a Crisis: The Constitutional Convention

Out the ashes of chaos, occasionally, something remarkable happens; humans reliving history define for themselves and alternate future hoping to remove themselves from the more common trajectory; the congregation of decay was only compatible with tyranny and incompatible with a Sovereign Individual and a Free and Independent States; the 13 Founding American Colonies. 

There are many reasons lying behind the devolution of the American form of Representative Government there is, however, only one cause:  

“In their quest to express individuality the American People have replaced duty with entitlement, enduring truth with temporal impulse and common sense with fantasy.” 

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Privacy in a Marketplace of Invasion

The argument in defense of Government canvasing the public, not unlike the Commerce of Business, continues to build upon the calculated dismantling of key Amendments contained within the Bill of Rights.

Shaping the offensive argument based on the premise of a Need to Know is an anathema to fundamental rights of the Sovereign Individual; after all, what possible check on the abuse of power is possible in the face of so comprehensive a self-prescribed mandate as this?

Rarely discussed and often ignored is the 9th Amendment;

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