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Being Accepted for Who You Are

Normally I would avoid commenting on something like this however Honda is running a commercial,  built around the “redesigned Honda Civic”, which deserves a bit of a scolding; with tinny vocals over a sharp bluesy guitar riff, image of a raunchy landfill, contemporary hipsters pitching the latest sensitivity; “being accepted for who you are” being the one that, as I’ve rewound the commercial several times, has become more and more akin to a splinter festering just beneath the skin of my index finger.

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Extending Unemployment Benefits

Other than the Political Feel-Good aspects, and beyond the political-duel, is there reason to extend Benefits?

The fact remains that on top of the current 1.2 Million by end of 2nd quarter 2014 an additional 1.9 Million workers will breach the 26 Week long Payout. Now, if your Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell or President Obama you may be thinking that at some point the Unemployment Rate will stabilize and we’ll run out of Newly Unemployed (not likely in the current environment); Problem Solved!  Well, not actually however putting that notion aside there is one other interesting argument (the only one) that suggest that extending benefits, mind you that’s $300 per week, will infuse the local economies with much needed fresh blood; really?

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Garnishing Minimum Wage

This historical relevance and application of an Entry Level Wage should not be set aside for the narrow view that suggest equity should exist between what has become known as a Living Wage (LW) and the Minimum Wage (MW); the idea ignores a critical distinction and merely serves to ease political-expedience.

Currently, with a National Labor Participation Rate softly at 63 percent how sustainable is it to use the Minimum (Entry) Wage as a tool for creating a sustainable Living Wage. Surely there is cause to Index MW for inflation however any argument in favor of the LW/MW movement ignores just how irrational it is to believe Low Tier Jobs are capable (or even favorable) of supporting nearly 40% of the Labor Pool; doing so will only serve as a justification accelerating the Downwardly Mobile Drive toward further Economic Deprivation.

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Fed Chair’s New Face

When Christine Lagarde was named Director of the IMF (2011) reports, particularly in Europe, expressed concerns over her “more liberal tendencies” however she’s proven to be firmly aligned with advancing the IMF’s command which centers on strong Central Bank Control.

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Hidden Truths – Vanishing Freedoms

Having written and spoken on economic and various policy issue for nearly twenty-five years it wasn’t long into the process that I discovered, more frequently than I’d previously thought possible, that government policy was increasingly becoming a direct extension of private economic interests each masquerading under some form of social justice or progressive mantra. Quite frankly having buried myself under pages and pages of documents and bound volumes with screen upon screen of data mines neatly arranges on countless spreadsheets I spent untold hours connecting various data-points looking for trends or predictive schemes it was more of a coincidence that I would arrive at, what was for me, a rather stunning observation. All the while I was looking for a trend or predictive tooling what I eventually discovered was a preconceived series of deliberate schemes structured to yield a specific and calculated outcome were already in place. The outcome of my discovery was this: I could predict an outcome (direct or collateral) by simply following the logical extension (twisted as it might be) of the originating force. Let me offer just a few examples of what I mean: 

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