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Obama; the Character of No Character

Americans have become accustomed to the President’s adolescent school-yard intellect however, he’s reached a new low. This past Tuesday the U.S. President, making a public appearance – on the south lawn of the White House – with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore, again referred to Trump as “unfit” for the office.

With an overwhelming sense of decorum, on par with that of Attila-the-Hun and a near eight year legacy of “fitness” akin to nude sunbathing on planet Mercury, the President again breaches the etiquette of his office displaying irreverence for his own Country before the world press.

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Billionaires Band-Aid for Hillary

Not capable of drawing support based on her character and policy success, Hillary calls upon her depraved surrogates to run skank-ops for her. Characters like Buffett and Soros whose successes are built on predation or rabid inducement, step out of their trenches in an attempt to spike-the-ball for Clinton.

Given the deplorable economic trajectory of this Country, the inverted growth-rates, security risks, or the global standing of the U.S. among other Nations and then study the non-existent policy of Ms. Clinton to deal with any of these issues. Setting aside her own contribution to these failures, I question whether or not the Billionaires Club Members are more concerned about their political-economic future than that of their Country.

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Obama-Clinton Pays Ransom

Several months ago we wrote; “…Obama-Clinton Iranian Nuke Deal is more smoke and mirrors than substance; there are side-deals yet to see the light of day, but their secret will not remain for long and when they do it will be seen that Iran will have so thoroughly duped Obama-Clinton that it will seem to have been deliberate.” 

Today, WSJ revealed that the U.S. shipped $400 Million in foreign currencies in an unmarked transport aircraft to Iran concurrent with their release of four American Hostages. Why in foreign currencies? Simple; to wash the appearance of a direct ransom payment and, in case you didn’t know, U.S. Law forbids ransom payments however, as we’ve come to accept, the Law doesn’t apply to either Mr. Obama or the Clinton’s. 

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Khizr Kahn; the Face of the DNC Fraud you know!

Mr. Kahn may believe that sacrificing their son to the butchery of Radical Islam is a form of patriotism, but how much of a patriot makes a goodly portion of his career abusing an already defective immigration system to facilitate entry of Muslims into the U.S.? How desperate must the DNC be to troll the dregs for a sloth such as this?

Today, Kahn’s law firm pulled its website, but not before screen-shots were taken documenting Kahn’s procurement of EB5 visas and other related immigration services. The EB5 program, well documented and known for the programs rampant corruption, is used by wealthy foreigners – a high percentage of which are from the Middle East – essentially buying their way into the U.S.

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William Jefferson Clinton Painting with a Blow-Torch!

Few people can deliver a script better than Bill; complete with the ever sincere and deeply devout lower-lip overbite the man can charm the venom out of a Mojave Rattlesnake.

Hillary, on the other hand, while she clearly hasn’t nary a gnat’s hair follicle of oratory skill she can stare-down an elephant of its tusks leaving this pachyderm spellbound to a belief that its loss is a mere illusion set upon it by some overpowering fantasy-truth. 

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