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Richard Blumenthal & Mazie Hirono’s mission matters more (than truth)!

Understanding the deplorable state of the processes of government it is rightly appropriate to point out that these two Senators are the ornamental fringe of a much larger game of staged whoresmanship, one whose sole purpose is to keep Trump from a court upending nomination. Whatever Ms. Blasey-Ford endured can only be known by her and no amount of empathy can or should be used as a tool for endorsing allegations, or should we encourage the fashionability of synthetic rage staged by political operatives expressly for the purpose of overturning the foundational core of our legal system so as to facilitate a temporal power grab. We need to be reminded that it is the durability of our legal system that needs to be respected so that its reliability is further enhanced by our unending reverence for it.

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Hit Job: Target- Kavanaugh

By now it should be clear that Ms. Blasely-Ford is yet another hand-crafted staging of political whoresmanship brought to you by Schumer-Feinstein, Inc. Why not? If you can’t find a substantive objection then simply make one up or even worse, assault an individual with a claim that is indefensible by an accuser who conceals their identity. The identity protection argument  (in question) is deeply flawed in itself with no identifiable regard for the identity she’s attempting to destroy.  It is proving to be a claim upon which many assert as believable and yet no corroborative evidence is forthcoming.

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Fascist-Mind of the Amoral High-Ground: Obama reappears with the same pitch he wore as President

Obama reappears with the same pitch he wore as President “…offering simple fixes to complex problems.” Has the Public forgotten the deeply flawed mantra of the Master-Community Organizer’s lyric? Government, Big or More of It, is never the solution to a complex problem in search of a much needed (simpler) solution! His fundamental argument – the American Story is so full of Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia etc., etc., etc., that the only cure is Fascist-hypoxia – that it must be replaced with only those that agree with me is so deeply flawed that the only claim he can justifiably own, is his allegiance to the acolytes of Alinsky and membership in the Clinton-Brigade. Trump’s knuckle-dragging tweeting is certainly a retrograde form of messaging and yet, who can deny his results in matters that count? Obama, on the other hand, may ooze with an elementary form of glee. However, on things that matter, he is an ass, a calculating huckster of deception whose every argument routinely collapses on the very weight of its foundational nostrum. If the Democrats aren’t prepared to shut him down, they will lose any hope of contesting Trump in the mid-terms and beyond.

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No American Should Miss this Civics Lesson

Sen. Sasse (R-NE), today during Kavanaugh hearings, gives a brilliant repartee on Civics and the central cause of our governmental dysfunction, no American should miss.

The video is broken into sections-  Round 1 and Round 2 segments; they are both worth your time and I consider them a Must Watch!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Fawning Over A Senator Further Preserves the Tradition of Elitism

Every life matters as every Individual possesses the promise of the Creator’s Image and the possibility of or potential for the fullest possible expression of the unique gift we are each charged with the moment we come into being. We all have a date certain that will mark the transition between the lives we presently lead and the realm which follows; I believe we should do more to celebrate the lives of those who, working to express their unique gift, make permanent gains elevating and advancing the universal cause of Man and far less energy fawning over those whose actions delay or interfere with his advancement.

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