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Fascist-Mind of the Amoral High-Ground: Obama reappears with the same pitch he wore as President

Obama reappears with the same pitch he wore as President “…offering simple fixes to complex problems.” Has the Public forgotten the deeply flawed mantra of the Master-Community Organizer’s lyric? Government, Big or More of It, is never the solution to a complex problem in search of a much needed (simpler) solution! His fundamental argument – the American Story is so full of Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia etc., etc., etc., that the only cure is Fascist-hypoxia – that it must be replaced with only those that agree with me is so deeply flawed that the only claim he can justifiably own, is his allegiance to the acolytes of Alinsky and membership in the Clinton-Brigade. Trump’s knuckle-dragging tweeting is certainly a retrograde form of messaging and yet, who can deny his results in matters that count? Obama, on the other hand, may ooze with an elementary form of glee. However, on things that matter, he is an ass, a calculating huckster of deception whose every argument routinely collapses on the very weight of its foundational nostrum. If the Democrats aren’t prepared to shut him down, they will lose any hope of contesting Trump in the mid-terms and beyond.

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No American Should Miss this Civics Lesson

Sen. Sasse (R-NE), today during Kavanaugh hearings, gives a brilliant repartee on Civics and the central cause of our governmental dysfunction, no American should miss.

The video is broken into sections-  Round 1 and Round 2 segments; they are both worth your time and I consider them a Must Watch!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Have Trump & Sessions Aligned?

Query: Is Trump staging an intra-AG feud in an effort to disarm Mueller and the Clinton-Brigade? To/for anyone that follows the strategic ambitions of the political elite, the Clintons are the best ever at weakening the structure of moral thought and ethical practices. They (the Clinton’s) are without question the best at masking culpability, the best at induction (baiting), the best at cross-contamination and the best at political obfuscation; the Greeks, Chinese, Romans and British are mere pagans when it comes to political/palace intrigue as mastered by the Clintons. Understand the broad connection of Clinton-Obama Era abuses and the present anti-Trump movement, the figurehead of which is Robert Mueller, by considering the following:

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Trump Leashed to Putin? Or is it Trump Trapped by his own Intelligence & Security Services?

The allegations of Russia meddling in elections is nothing more than a ruse, fodder fed to the American barnyard to keep them fat, dumb and ignorant. Fact is that there is far more political, economic and election meddling for the benefit of Mexico than there ever is/was for Russia – including the Lend-Lease era and still none cumulatively greater than the British though I confess, the Chinese are quickly climbing that ladder and yet nearly the entire democratic party does the bidding for Mexico with barely a peep out of anyone! Notice how those Countries that are, actively and at present, representing the greatest threat to this Country and how the political actives remain silent and yet become brutally vocal on the subject of Russia even to the point of (even) stirring the ire of John McCain long enough to issue one of his notably peevish remarks.

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American Democracy; Endemic Defect

Once again, the American experiment nears the precipice of certain doom; the ellipse of the pendulum’s swing has breached native prohibitions, the trigger lock of One’s rational thought such that we now fire wildly at one another hoping to out-stupid ourselves into oblivion. A French political thinker from the 1800’s, Alexis de Tocqueville, stated of the America he observed in the following manner: “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.” He also stated, “The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens.” It’s quite telling the way the first comment affirms the great talent of Our Representative Democratic form while the later illustrates the inherent defect in its glorious design.

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