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Flynn Out, Sleeper Cells Remain

The Bureaucracy of State, the infrastructure of permanent government that survives Administrations, has long been a serious challenge for incoming Presidents. For an incoming Administration, the primacy of agenda and the continuity of messaging is always key to the efficacy of moving forward and simultaneously exerting a formidable force to counter the inevitable opposition; the integrity of secure exchange, needless to say, is an absolute necessity.

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California’s Oroville Dam

Anybody wonder what the Trump Administration might want for Financial Sanctuary from costs of repairs the State refused in 2005?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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California Dam Failing: No Sanctuary!

With all the talk about California Sanctuary Cities perhaps Californian’s greatest need is sanctuary from massive State Bureaucracies incapable of providing or managing the basic functions of State Government. Add to the mix the burden of a massive statewide infrastructure, utility systems, freeways and State routes, bridges and power grid for a population nearing 40 Million People – not to mention the complexities associated with a well known seismically active region – and you have a fiscal and administrative burden that dwarfs many countries; perhaps the State should be splintered into a more manageable configuration. Known for decades for its top-down State Bureaucracy dominantly populated by generational gnomes effervescing with the glow of its own form of political egomaniacal-narcissism.

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To Err is Human; No Such Privilege Should be Afforded the Courts!

Boundaries, whether in the form of a moral code, a code of covenant/conduct and yes, even Laws, are created to refine, restrict or openly bar certain functions in an attempt to create some measure of survivable order.

While Laws are created to either censure, restrict or outright prohibit certain actions, we must never forget that the Law must never be allowed to restrict or ever dare approach interfering with or even professing the authority to grant a right which is inalienable to you by the mere fact that you are you. These rights are implicit and are never to be explicitly cataloged or confined as it is your domain,restricted only by adverse effects your actions have on another and/or their ability to express their own (rights). The Courts, by the way, have no such privileges, but are bound to the strict and ridged rules of order and jurisdiction.

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Ted & Bernie Talk Pros-Cons of Healthcare

Watching the CNN broadcast of this sparring exercise illustrates just how disparate the positions are relative to healthcare. On the Sen. Sanders side, you have the view that Healthcare is an explicit “right” to be provided by Government while on the side represented by Sen. Cruz you have the position that wrestles with “access” to a system that is wholly dependent on the efficient delivery of services provided by the private sector which use block-grants to the States to breach the affordability issue.

On the Sanders-side, whose solution rests primarily on using the Medicare model, he ignores two fundamental issues:

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