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Immigration Bias Fractures Principal

“When none seek to converge on the ideal, what becomes the outcome is none but the inevitable curse of bias intentioned advantage.”  

 And so, you have the politics of divisiveness being predictably and artfully articulated not from the position of the “ideal” but solely from the position of “advantage”.  

Case in point:  Mr. Obama, as well as several members of the House and Senate, weigh in with heavy-handed demagoguery assailing the sovereign rights of the State of Arizona labeling their efforts as “divisive” and “reckless”.  Several California Officials having gone so far as to make the claim that Arizonans are “bigots” and “racists” tendering such infantile matters of recourse such as suspending business with or boycotting the State of Arizona.   Then of course, there is the inevitable scourge of objections conspicuous by the media sound-bites memorializing the “well-meaning and spirited” public.  This practice is patently disingenuous and shameful.  

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In Practice et seq v1109b

When you take your first step toward that which you want, that which seeks pairing with the passions of your heart takes one step ever closer to you!

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Marriage Divide

April 16, 2009

Wow, can’t believe I’m trapping myself into this discussion. However, I’m being reminded that “I Stand 4” speaking on issues where “flat earth idolatry” is most conspicuous. So then, if I truly stand for what I confess then I must confess a stand! 

I have a saying which you may find interesting, however a fair warning! It is one of those true statements that possess a great deal of tension:  it’s that true!

“Often one finds contempt in their heart for another only to find the torment being that of your own conscience, staring at you in disgust!”

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Failure and Why!

January 1, 2009

January 20th will mark the first official day of the new Administration.   There is a great deal of hope saturating the nuance-of-the-day-term “Change”.   Several million people switched party lines and even more ignored reason, principal and purpose on this nebulous concept.   It’s not the first time, either!

I’ve ceded my hope that someone would be able to crystallize the substantive reason(s) for the near puerile form of euphoria we are witnessing and I’ve replaced it with another form of inquiry.  It, the inquiry,  is both a statement and a question:  Failure and Why!

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