Impeachment – Broadcasting Despiration Politics!

No surprises here; the Democrats earned their failure in the most hopelessly tragic way possible; instead of working to draw a positive distinction on policy the drew instead upon the parallel of desperation distinguishing themselves by the extremes of mockery and barbaric stupidity. The fact that not one single Senate Democrat broke ranks in deference to the U.S. Constitution illustrates just how calculated their remarkable spinelessness is.

It’s patently clear, the Democrats used wet-paper-plate standards and by doing so handed the Republicans a certain victory. Hell, even the most thallic politician of all (perhaps ever), Mitt Romney (R-UT), couldn’t manage to step away from his brooding and terminal whimpishness to even approach, not even remotely, a selfless act of courage or observable act of character.

Desperation Politics? Yes, no question that the alure of the Dems arguments/positions were, despite how overwhelmingly weak and salacious their standards report, just too irresistible for the hapless carpetbagger (Senator) from Utah and yet the entire affair portends that the era of divisive political activism is now, for the foreseeable future, the new norm. The only way the Nation transitions out of this toxic body of thought and action is by way of demonstrated conviction at the Individual level and then at the ballot box. The Political Order, once released to unavoidable temptations, are then removed/distanced from their duties to those they are sworn to serve; a vigilant electorate is the only curbing force available and is of no value or use if not willingly and deliberately applied.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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