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July 4th, a day to ponder the thought of what it all means, to listen to and consider the comments offered by those who respond to questions such as: “Are you proud to be an American?”or “What does Independence Day mean to you?” Over the years I’ve listened to the various responses and often I am deeply moved, inspired, thankful, on occasion disappointed and yet, I am always left with a sense of resilient hope.

Being a student of human history it is nearly impossible to ignore the deeper meanings of actions. The cause and effect of what we do and the motivations that are the kinetic force driving one to do or to suspend doing; the essence of “why.” Yes there are the occasional aberrations however I find that the eternal quest for capturing the essence of meaning and purpose never seems to be driven by a want of a destructive outcome, but by an ever evolving and ever-maturing expression of hope.

The eternal ambition driving forward to its fulfillment which, by the way, is most keenly expressed in our own founding proclamation: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This very statement is not merely an incidental provocation; it is a statement in the Absolute. It is the very essence of The Common Ideal integral to both our individual and collective emancipation.

The gift that is represented by the term “America” was and is not, though fitting as it is, the 2.4 billion acres of land that defines our portion of the North American Continent. It is the Absolute of The Common Ideal, how we act on it and how we preserve it. This ambition must never be confined to a selective tract of land. Yes, America was inevitable much as The Common Ideal is Absolute and though we’ve yet to fully grasp its profound significance.

The wonderful truth is that though we continue to stumble and fuss over, around, under, at times we even bump right into it, despite our foibles, the promise of the Absolute is that it remains as it must; it will always be within and about us patiently waiting in eternal hope that we will, at last, play-in to our collective destiny.

Where do we presently stand?

Consider this: The U.S. Government, as it ever is, is a mirror and measure of our personal understanding and commitment to the Absolute of The Common Ideal and given its current state, the animus of its present condition speaks in quite disappointing terms. We must absolutely celebrate, honor and cherish the 4th of July with the deliberate intention that we remind each other of our role in its success or its failure. Ever and always aware that the inevitable outcome is within and among each of us, patiently waiting.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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