Gaseous Emissions

The subject of Greenhouse Gas emissions would be a relevant conversation, that is if we were comparing planet Earth with, say, Mars but who would really want that conversion? Seems we’ve forgotten, or conveniently ignored, that CO2 is what comes out of our lungs and integral to the Earths life-cycle. The EPA acknowledges that even if the planned carbon emissions standards are fully activated the effect on CO2 levels will be negligible. Moreover, there is little to no evidence that Greenhouse Gases are integral to the global-warming fanfare.

The fact is that the entire affair is a massive revenue (tax) generating scheme and integral to de-industrialization of the Nation; the burden of which falls directly on the shoulder of working folks. But there is a far worse effect at play here. Obama couldn’t, even with Senate control, pass Cap & Trade, but not to worry he’ll simply do it administratively.

There are far too many examples of tyrannical tendencies emanating from the Executive Branch; self-legislating outside of Constitutional Mandates as well the Supreme Courts unwillingness to affect Judicial Review is an obvious problem. However, regardless of the growing number of indiscretions the ultimate responsibility is that of the U.S. Congress; the greatest source of gaseous emissions.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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