Global Warming in Mythological Terms

Growing up in small-town Pennsylvania I recall the panic of the time (late 1960’s to early 70’s); a threat of the coming “New Ice Age” all caused by the spewing of various contaminants from heavy industry. Now, forty-years later, it’s the complete reverse.

For whatever reason, clinically perverse as they may be, science has provoked itself into an epiphanic form of zealotry busying itself with crafting any number of data-updates to mirror or support the human-cause claim.

The aside to all this talk about melting ice caps and rising sea levels is that the most likely cause is far more obvious and yet far less politically opportunistic. The rising temperature of the various ocean currents specifically those running thru sub-oceanic areas where there is significant volcanic activity and particularly where these currents overlap tectonic plates.

Rational as this might seem the simple precision and beauty of the explanation doesn’t fit well with a visceral and deeply illogical political narrative however, apparently, invented science does. Take a look at the following article for yet another example of just how inventive so-called science can be.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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