Pashtun Factor

March 3, 2009

Much is said but never understood!  Take for instance the claims asserted by Government minions regarding the Middle-East.  We hear the non-stop dialogue justifying U.S., NATO and the so-called coalition forces as being equal to a biblical-like cleansing of the region.  We’re America, that’s what we do!  

After all, we’re “…making the world safe for democracy!”

However, I’m prone to ask the question that many may have lingering just below the surface of their conscious thoughts:  What’s wrong with our form of democracy that we need to make the world “safe” for it?  Should it not be the other way around?  Would it not be more favorable were it the case that the world craved safety and as one of the choices made available, to perfect their ambition,  “democracy” was one of them?  

You must know, that even Stalin, Mussolini and Tito thought of their regimes as “Democratic”.  As a matter of fact,  so did the Khmer-Rouge! 

The building of Global Statism under the pretext of making the world safe for democracy is the equivalent of and ultimate form of “Abuse in Practice”.  Few think of it as such as even fewer take the time to think of it.  The Regime of Globalist prefers it that way. 

Now to the point:  Globalism will never work if for no other reason than the simple idea  that the concept runs completely contrary to the intuitive and native reality of the human spirit. Humans do not function in regimented environs, they will for a time, however ultimately, their temperament destabilizes and they revolt against the notion of divisiveness. This is why John Locke’s treatise, “Rights of Man”, was such an inspiration to Thomas Jefferson as he considered crafting “The Declaration of Independence”.  This document truly is the emancipation proclamation of man,  for all time!

If one were to truly appreciate and merge their conscience with the ideals that lies back of “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” think of what our collective future would be!  It’s unlimited! 

 There is but one more component of this Preamble, though, that is often over looked and it appears immediately before this perfect statement (“We hold these truths…”).  It appears this way: ”…the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”  

We must forever bless the genius of the two men for crafting so perfect an understanding of Man and his relationship to that which lies back of all that is! 

If we accept, and I trust that you do, the fundamental truth of these basic concepts then we must ultimately cede to their consequent realities.  Consider, if you will, just two:  

First: We must consider The Pashtun, a people of Persian descent who make their homes territory in/at the eastern boarders of what is now known as Iran and the overlapping regions which include both Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Their structure is not so much as a “people” though more so a legion of clans/tribes that share a common language and faith.  It is estimated that there is approximately 25.6 million Pashtuns.  They have no defining political structure or state, they are fiercely independent and enduring. 

For centuries, these People have defied all attempts to be part of the heard and all attempts by the British, the Iranians, the Afghanistanis/Pakistanis and most recently, Soviet Russia, have failed.  I see a trend.  

There is a reason for this, for now we will simply refer to it as the “Pashtun Factor”(PF).  Volumes cold be written about the PF however,  let’s resolve to a simple understanding:  the Pashtun will never surrender their fundamental rights of “self determination”,  the very same rights intended as the mortar, the binding agent, for our own Republican Form of Government which, as we know,  no longer exists.  More importantly, I ask you, why should they?  


Second: Who is the U.S. Government to take the nihilists/hedonistic self-anointed status of possessing the purview to refract these People’s inalienable right of self-determination?   Again,  what is that we are making the world safe for and in so doing,  if the choices made available do not include freedom to choose as one of them,  how than can we truthfully say we are liberators?    

I can say more on this, perhaps one day I will, for now, let me leave you with a few final points: 

  • Do not think for one moment that I am anti-America. To do so would be for your thinking to rest on a false premise. This “false premise” is to assert that what the U.S. Government does is equal to or an extension of the specific and refined principals we refer to as American Ideals – clearly, they are not!  I am a committed Pro-American.  I am not a leash and collared Secularist, Globalist, Situation-Relevant Pragmatist or Eco-stooge pill popper!
  • There is a basic concept of freedom that is often, to often, ignored:  You may be Free to do, however, you may not be at liberty to do so!
  • The U.S. will fail in the middle-east not because we lack military power or will.  It will be the result of an attempt to violate a fundamental law of nature.  What is that law?  Here it is:  Only Nature makes the laws!  Not the U.S., Not the UN and most certainly NOT the Hague!
  • Globalism/Statism is a completely manufacture Notion.  It exists nowhere in reality, nowhere in functional practice, nowhere in rational thought and nowhere in God’s  balanced laws of Nature.  It is the quintessential “flat earth idolatry”: the deliberate attempt to prescribe and outcome by fabricating purely synthetic reasonings to support a preferential or desired outcome.    
  • Arrogance is never an adequate weapon in the face of Providential Law.
  • Freedom is only freedom when it is the expression of a choice made from all possible alternatives.
  • If you perceive an enemy, the only way to contain the threat is to remove the foundation by which the threat is sustained. In other words, an Enemy is, by its own nature, is its own and most dominant adversary. 

It is to the last bullet, above, I find at the root of our nations failings:  we have become our own and most dominant adversary!   

Our destiny, whatever it may be, will not lie in the outcome in some far off places, it will rest in our conviction to reclaiming the ideals that were once the foundations of this Nation.  

It is important to consider that it was not this Nation that made these foundations relevant,  it was (and is) the relevancy of these Foundations that defined this Nation. The cowardly acts of the contemporary interpretation are evidentiary consequences of attempting to re-define the unchanging, the incontrovertibility of what is so! 

In the depths where anguish brews there lies the contrast of hope.  Awaken and press forward, if only as a compass, it will fatigue your torment as you ascend!   

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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