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Mortgage Redeux

July 1, 2009 

Financial Blunder American Style, the near maniacal level of Government waste, stupidity and mindless blundering continues! 

Yes, I know, the comments are polemic in appearance however, I know no better way to express the very concern we all have yet absolutely no one is paying attention to. The consequences either. 

As of this writing, the Federal Government is nearing 7 Trillion Dollars in various stimulus miss-adventures (including the exposed actions of the Federal Reserve) yet the economic grip on the greased pole continues to slip further on to financial oblivion. 

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Bigotry Redefined

May 18, 2009

First things first!  I think I’ve got to find a way to shorten my postings.  I find it so very difficult to give fair treatment to important issues in 150 words or less.  Maybe I should develop a sub-blog or ?  I’ll have to give it further consideration. If you have an ideas, do let me know. 

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Marriage Divide

April 16, 2009

Wow, can’t believe I’m trapping myself into this discussion. However, I’m being reminded that “I Stand 4” speaking on issues where “flat earth idolatry” is most conspicuous. So then, if I truly stand for what I confess then I must confess a stand! 

I have a saying which you may find interesting, however a fair warning! It is one of those true statements that possess a great deal of tension:  it’s that true!

“Often one finds contempt in their heart for another only to find the torment being that of your own conscience, staring at you in disgust!”

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The Obama Factor

March 16, 2009

For the last eighteen months I’ve been satisfying a profound curiosity by studying, researching and reading all things Obama.  The man fascinates me!  I’m intrigued by the way his cabal has been able to mastermind his ascension to the Throne. Truly remarkable!

Not to ignore the fact that with reference to all things sane, salient and substantively providential, I find him the complete antithesis of each.

His ethos emulates great social antagonists of the past/present.  The list is quite large, here are a few and the most conspicuous:

  • Caligula
  • Marie Antoinette
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Pashtun Factor

March 3, 2009

Much is said but never understood!  Take for instance the claims asserted by Government minions regarding the Middle-East.  We hear the non-stop dialogue justifying U.S., NATO and the so-called coalition forces as being equal to a biblical-like cleansing of the region.  We’re America, that’s what we do!  

After all, we’re “…making the world safe for democracy!”

However, I’m prone to ask the question that many may have lingering just below the surface of their conscious thoughts:  What’s wrong with our form of democracy that we need to make the world “safe” for it?  Should it not be the other way around?  Would it not be more favorable were it the case that the world craved safety and as one of the choices made available, to perfect their ambition,  “democracy” was one of them?  

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