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Eye on the Ball!

As a study in contrasts,  I find Dr. Krugman a rich source and I enjoy contributing to his dialogue.  Recently he published an article titled “Wall Street Damage Control”  to which I commented.  It appears to have been well received. My regular readers might find the comments of interest. They are reproduced and appeared as follows:

The Presidents comments indicate, at best, both ignorance and detachment.   Ignorance of the Wall Street maize of machinations and detachment from the stark realities of U.S. social dynamics.  

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Fixing Reterement, Progressive Style!

There is a fundamental flaw in how the Government approaches retirement and, for that matter, just about everything it processes.  Its typical approach is to present a “Presumption of Cause.” This then becomes its means by which it affects a sort of self-endorsement or perceived legitimacy.  It’s purpose then become not the process of perfecting an environment but one whose desire is to simply further control it.   Then,  as we can see throughout the last 110 years of American History,  its ambitions  become unsustainable failures which then triggers its own summary resolution for addressing the problem it creates which is to simply camouflage the foul by executing further errors in judgment.  This is Progressive Government! You doubt this? The Federal Government is not sufficient proof? Then take a look at the State of California, the poster child for self-destructive gluttony.  No good enough?  Look at the History of Argentina, try the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands or Mexico to name a few.  Progressive ideology’s legacy of success!

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Markets of Imagination Part 2

September 15, 2009

Supremely simply solutions often thin the hubris of complexity!

In the previous post we left the discussion at the conclusion of my describing two fundamental types of “Financial Markets”, I summarily identified them as “FM1”, describing the current machinations of the Markets and “FM2”, the more appropriate or as I said, the “peak” historical version.

Picking up from there, let us continue on with the subject!

When reference “FM1” and “FM2”, I am referring to the above, two, enumerations (One might consider referring back to the complete “FM1”/FM2” discussion.)

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Markets of Imagination Part 1

September 1, 2009

Supremely simply solutions often thin the hubris of complexity! 

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Shades of Grey

July 15, 2009 

“Potent shades of grey cover the brilliant pallet once the colored fabric of the dynamic light of mind.” 

Isn’t that a truly lovely, rhythmic, driving pearl?  By God, yes it is!  It is also an unfortunate rhythmic truth! 

Contrast is the stuff of life! It fuels the dynamic distinctions that give life to reality without which there would be none! 

I deliberately crafted these words in such a way to paint a picture of what happens in the absence of conviction, deliberate conviction.  In the regiment of life were purpose becomes absent, camouflaged by the illusions of contrasting intentions, crafted in such ways as to divert ones attention. 

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