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Restoring the U.S. Housing & Mortgage Markets?

The past week I spent twenty minutes On Air with Pat Campbell of 1170 KFAQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The discussion was, for the most part, centered about various plans presently being tossed about having to do with salvaging the U.S. Housing Markets and what to do with all that pesky Mortgage Debt. Let’s be quite clear, there is no escaping the fact that if the goal is to preserve both the Housing Market AND the Mortgage Debt then there is no solution; there is no way to accomplish both at the same time. To believe so would also then suggest that one can stay dry in a monsoon by stepping between drops of rain! 

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Eye on the Ball!

As a study in contrasts,  I find Dr. Krugman a rich source and I enjoy contributing to his dialogue.  Recently he published an article titled “Wall Street Damage Control”  to which I commented.  It appears to have been well received. My regular readers might find the comments of interest. They are reproduced and appeared as follows:

The Presidents comments indicate, at best, both ignorance and detachment.   Ignorance of the Wall Street maize of machinations and detachment from the stark realities of U.S. social dynamics.  

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